Women prefer men with hairy legs

Shave: Where man should be shaved today

Wild growth in male axils is anything but popular. Even actor and outdoorsman Matthew McConaughey shows how it is done: His body is as smooth as a baby's bottom. And that goes down well - it's not for nothing that he is one of the most sought-after men in the world. We reveal where men should be shaved.

Armpit hair - yes or no?

Shaving the armpits is already all the rage for younger men up to 35. More than half of men in this age group use razors on a regular basis. And there are plenty of role models: in magazines, on television and in advertising, you can almost only see clean-shaven bodies. Natural fur as a symbol of masculinity and potency? Nothing.

Another argument against hair: If you remove the armpit hair, it is easier with hygiene, as the sweat cannot collect. Because the odor-causing bacteria are more difficult to wash off in hairy armpits. If you want to learn the best way to shave armpit hair, this is the place to go to the best depilation methods.

The gentlemen of creation shouldn't shave their legs: Most women are not bothered by overgrown calves. On the contrary: shaved men's legs can quickly appear androgynous. Exception: you are a professional swimmer - then shaving your legs is justified in favor of gliding in the water.

The genital area

However, the legs are almost the only parts of the body that are spared the bald hair trend: intimate shaving for men is also becoming increasingly popular. If you believe a survey by the magazine "Neon", 19 percent of the women surveyed already think it is nice when he is bald "downstairs". In addition, around 60 percent of 20- to 35-year-olds think that potential sexual partners expect them to be shaved "downstairs".

But be careful: you have to be very, very careful here. Both the razor and waxing offer a thorough depilation method - read more about this here.

It doesn't take a study to find that the majority of women reject back hair. No lady wants to hug her loved one and scratch his fur on the back in the process. Read here the best way to remove back hair.

Chest hair is not a sign of masculinity

The days of chest hair tooupé are long gone, too. Therefore, a lush growth on the upper body is not a sign of masculinity for most women - but rather of inadequate personal hygiene. Tip: Treat yourself to an extensive waxing and train your chest muscles and make women's hearts beat faster in the swimming pool. Here are the best ways to get rid of chest hair.

The hair on the face

Last but not least: what about facial hair? Only 20 percent of women like a man's face as smooth as a baby's bottom. So a beard is needed! But which one? The most popular among women is the three-day beard, which 45 percent love. You can find out which other beards women still like here.

Absolute no-gos, however, are hair that grows out of the nose and ears. They have to go immediately - that's even stated in the ten golden facial care rules (read here). Any protruding hairs can be easily cut off with nail scissors or shortened with a special nose or ear hair trimmer. You can also find all tips about body shaving in our photo show.

Do not apply any creams containing urea after shaving

Women and men believe that the skin should be nice and smooth in summer. Instead of the razor, many like to use depilatory cream or other chemical agents. However, the skin sometimes reacts irritably to this type of hair removal. Follow-up care is therefore - as with shaving - the alpha and omega. Therefore, pay attention
After depilating, apply lotions without fragrances and preservatives. Products with aloe vera are best. You should also avoid tight clothing - as well as urea-containing creams. These sometimes sting on freshly shaved skin.

If a spot is infected, you shouldn't treat it yourself, but rather go to a doctor, the pharmacists advise.

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