Mixing is good

Mixing races is inevitable

The inevitable intermingling of human races is due to a factor of global proportions. Various scholars confirm that the concept of a pure race on this planet continues to decline. An example of this finding comes from the United States, which created a mechanism in their census that allows them to look at the mestizos who constitute a significant part of the North American population. For this reason, the question that I asked in the article "The Divine Abolitionist" on page 149 of my book, Chronicles & Conversations have asked. Since the times of the prokaryotes who is not mingled in this world? Here in Brazil it doesn't look much different: the daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo published the results of a DNA study in April 2000 that examined 200 men and women from different regions and origins. The study says that, out of a group of 100 whites, only 39 are exclusively European. The remainder all show signs of racial mixing: 33% have an indigenous background and 28% an African background.

Even Europe has seen immigration of all kinds at different times in its history, from slaves and invaders such as the Huns, a people from Central Asia who invaded the continent in the mid-5th century under the leadership of Attila, and the emperors of Rome and Constantinople inflicted heavy defeats on them, besides devastating Gaul and passing through Germania, a region where centuries later Hitler (1889-1945) would appear, who, due to misconceptions of a pure Aryan race, then millions of Jews, Butchered gypsies, Slavs and the disabled. Should the invaders of the Germanic territory have remained in a state of permanent chastity? Or did they leave their ethnic mark there due to interracial mixing, but which has been watered down after so many centuries? Let us remember the famous "Mongolian spots".

Social and racial unrest cannot be prevented forever

It will be difficult to give up humanity, as it seems that some have tried radically through globalization: even more goods and even fewer workers to produce them.

A striking example of this is the European Union with its delirium in xenophobia, but not among tourists ... It states the need to "import" people, even if in some cases only for a short time in order to be able to do the work, which the indigenous longheads no longer want to do and to be able to provide for the necessities for an aging population. Some are already shocked to see the "dangers" of ethnic intermingling. Apart from that, entrepreneurs and politicians already see the presence of “foreigners” as a historical fatality, especially for those with a different skin color.

Social and racial unrest of this magnitude cannot be prevented forever.

Today we see, in a way, the phenomenon of immigration repeating itself in reverse, but perhaps in a more painful way. It used to be the fashion to emigrate from Europe and Asia to America. By and large this meant: Italians, Japanese, Germans, Jews, Arabs, Iberians to the north and south, and Irish and Chinese to the west. In their great majority here, as there, in their great majority, they did not go ashore as masters, but as heavy laborers. Through their sacrifices and the sweat of their work, they came up.

I remember a claim made by the positivist philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857) whose thought had a great impact on the founders of the Brazilian Republic, starting with Benjamin Constant (1836-1891), had: "Man gets excited and mankind leads him ”. It is exactly like that.


Today immigrants, whether legal or not, are also leaving their countries, leaving behind their traditions and loved ones because of dire need. In the case of North America, the steady coming of Hispanics, for the most part Mexicans, continues, mastering the obstacles placed upon them and increasing over time status reach. Millions of them are already allowed to vote. The number is not small and does not stop growing, also because of their high birth rate. There are Cubans in Miami too. You have become a force to be taken seriously there. In New York, according to news published in 2000, 40% of the population came from 167 countries and spoke 116 languages. Uff! Indeed, the creator of Comtism was right.

"The world will mix like in an ocean"

In one phase of my childhood, I attended the São Francisco de Sales College of the Dom Bosco Order. On the other hand, there was enough time for me to become one of the many admirers of the respected educator from Turin. He founded a pedagogy with commendable benefits for his Biricchini, neglected young people in an impoverished Italy, which is under the leadership of the diplomatic ruse (a redundancy?) of the Count of Cavour (1810-1861), the obstination of a Mazzini (1805-1872) and the combative spirit of Garibaldi (1807-1882) united.

The famous miracle worker, born in Becchi, said:

-“A great event is preparing in heaven to amaze people. (...) There will be a great renewal among all nations and the world will merge as in an ocean ”.

For those who have listened to me so far, perhaps with a smile of understanding, I give the hint Ciceros (106-43 BC), a speaker and politician in Rome, again that not even the most educated and cultivated communities neglect the gift of prophecy. Aside from that, in the secular field, economists make predictions that don't come true, analysts predict society's reactions that are wrong, and if only then we get into the field of sport ...

Brazil is a globalizing community

If we turn our attention to our country, which is full of descendants of immigrants and also full of immigrants themselves who hope to finally be integrated into the best of its social network, then the fact that Brazil is one of the most remarkable peoples is confirmed of the earth, which has privileged characteristics due to its excellent racial intermingling. It's a globalizing ... church ...

Pietro Ubaldi (1886-1972), an Italian philosopher, knew, when he arrived here, to see what others are only now understanding:

“Brazil is the classic land of the merging of the races, it is the Melting potin which everything is mixed up. We know that nature regenerates itself through the amalgamation of the different types, to the effect that a racist and isolating principle is devital ”. (...)

Although this defect is definitely waiting to be exorcised, the land of the Holy Cross is of such magnitude that it has preserved the wonder of its geographical and linguistic unity and that is expressed in its capacity to survive.

Ah! And the extreme violence these days ?! Is the fault then with the people or in the slave huts, which have still not all been torn down? Is it because of globalization? How did it look before? The German mathematician has the floor Leibnitz (1646-1716):

- "I have always been sure that if we reformed the education of the youth, we would be able to change the human lineage."

But on what basis? Hitler (1889-1945) wanted to change them too ... The French writer, Montaigne (1533-1592) gives us the answer:

- "Let us ensure that the memory is replenished and let us leave the understanding and the conscience empty".

That is, apart from teaching, there is an urgent need to spiritualize the globalizing church that is establishing a new path for the world. Who lives will see! The sociologist, Gilberto Freyre (1900-1987) proclaimed that "Brazil has to discover itself ”.

(Article of the book Chronicles & Conversations, by Paiva Netto, published in 2000 by Elevação publishing house)