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The term “couch potato” is alien to you? You love to be on Parties to dance and on Festivals to party? Then you have landed at the right place in this category, because here you will find everything from A for “Partying” to Z for “Zombie Walk”. Our Event information always hit the nail on the head. You want to go out on Walpurgis Night in a witch costume and are you looking forward to a gruesome evening with your kind? Parties and Festivals for Walpurgis Night in the whole country there is enough with us! You want to dance on Halloween until the zombie legs fly and walk among other horror figures? Our Halloween party tips take you to the hippest places! So put on your best costume and off you go to the next one event!

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The world's funeral festivals: Hungry Ghost Festival in China

When there is a full moon in August and lights are lit everywhere, it's that time again: The Hungry Ghost Festival starts in China!

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The world's funeral festivals: Famadihana in Madagascar

In Madagascar there is a custom of digging up ancestors every few years and transferring them to their beds. You can find out how this ritual works here!

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The world's feasts of the dead: Obon in Japan

Return home, remember the dead and dance happily: This is the Japanese festival of the dead, Obon!

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The world's funeral festivals: Up Helly Aa Fire Festival in the Shetland Islands

They're crazy, the Vikings! At least at the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, which is celebrated like Carnival on the Shetland Islands.

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The world's funeral festivals: Gai Jatra in Nepal

After we introduced you to the Día de los Muertos for the last time, today we are going to Nepal, where the Gai Jatra festival of the dead is celebrated.

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