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To access the website for "professional investors", the user must agree and confirm that he is a professional or semi-professional investor as defined below:

Is viewed as a professional investor

(1) a supranational organization whose members are either countries, central banks or national monetary authorities;
(2) a properly constituted government, agency, central bank or other national monetary authority of any country or jurisdiction;
(3) a government agency or government debt management agency;
(4) an approved market institution, regulated exchange or regulated clearing house;
(5) an approved firm, regulated financial institution or the management company of a regulated pension fund;
(6) a collective investment scheme or a regulated pension fund;
(7) a large company (a legal person is a large company if it meets two of the following criteria at the date of the most recent annual financial statements):
(a) total assets of $ 20 million or more;
(b) net sales of at least $ 40 million;
(c) equity or capital called of at least $ 2 million.
(8) a legal entity whose shares are listed or admitted to trading on an exchange in an IOSCO member state;
(9) any other institutional investor whose principal activity is investing in financial instruments, including entities that engage in securitization of liabilities and other financial transactions;
(10) a trustee of a company that has had investments of at least $ 10 million in the past 12 months; or
(11) a license holder according to the regulations for single family offices who only works for a single family office within the meaning and only within the scope of his duties.


Semi-professional investors

An individual is "considered" a semi-professional investor if:

(1) they have a net worth of at least $ 500,000 (excluding the value of their primary residence); and
(2) they either:
(a) is an employee who is currently or has been employed or has been employed in a professional employment relationship with an approved company or a regulated financial institution for the past two years; or;
(b) obviously has sufficient experience or knowledge of the relevant financial markets, products or transactions and the associated risks (see Section 2.4.3 of the Cob Rulebook).
(3) it is a company, trust company or foundation that was established solely for the purpose of managing an investment portfolio of an individual and that meets criteria a-b for professional investors:
(a) the company has equity or called capital of at least US $ 2 million; or
(b) it appears to have adequate experience or knowledge of the relevant financial markets, products or transactions and the associated risks (see Section 2.4.3 of the Cob Rulebook).
(4) in the case of a joint account:
(a) the additional account holder is a family member of the first-named account holder;
(b) is a “family member” of the first named Account Owner;
(c) is the spouse;
(d) are his children and stepchildren, his parents and stepparents, his brothers and sisters and his stepbrothers and stepsisters; and
(e) the spouse is one of the above;
(f) the account is used for investment management purposes for the first-named account holder and the additional account holder; and
(g) the additional account holder has confirmed in writing that the first-named account holder will generally make the investment decisions for the joint account for him and on his behalf.