Have you ever said something inappropriate by mistake?

Translation of "accidentally" in Romanian

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And you have by mistake run over my uncle.
That was by mistake between my post.
Babe this ain't by mistake happens.
Not if I have it by mistake do.
You have to have his jacket by mistake have repealed.
I have by mistake Stefan touched and got a really bad feeling.
If you like him by mistake I forgive you.
When I was in labor ... the other woman's mother came by mistake in my room. and we talked.
Când eram în durerile facerii, mama celeilalte femei a intrat din greșeală în camera mea și at the stat de vorbă.
Have you ever by mistake "adopted" a person?
You probably have it by mistake thrown in the trash.
We believe they do by mistake kidnapped the wrong couple.
And I, um ... have by mistake killed a man, and as much as I want to leave it behind, it just doesn't work.
Și ... am omorât un om din greșeală, și oricât de mult aș vrea să las în urmă totul, nu pot.
People stare at me because I broke up with the boss and by mistake got pregnant by a 22 year old on ... a futon?
Oare oamenii se holbează la mine pentru că tocmai m-am despărțit de șefu 'și accidental am rămas însărcinată de un puști de 22 de ani pe o saltea?
Wait a minute, I just got you by mistake said you have AIDS?
I don't know if I had acted in over 70 films in 30 years ... and spoke at a different volume in each one ... maybe I would have too by mistake won an Oscar.
Nu știu, dacă aş fi jucat în 70 de filme de-a lungul a 30 de ani, și aş fi vorbit la fiecare la diverse niveluri de volum, aş fi putut câştiga accidental un Oscar.
Did he say anything after he by mistake ate half of your hiding place? - He's writing to me.
A făcut el spune altceva după ce a mâncat din greșeală jumătate stash dvs.?
Mom, what about these powers, what should I do if I do by mistake overheard something I shouldn't have overheard?
Mamă, având aceste puteri, ce fac, dacă aud din greșeală ceva care nu ar trebui?
By mistakebut I can't see the negatives without looking like a freak so maybe I should tell him what's going on. No.
Din greșeală, dar nu mă pot uita pe negative fără să par ca o ciudată, așadar ar trebui pur și simplu să-i spun ce se întâmpla și așa ...
I have by mistake taken your book.
You can get a container very easily by mistake to lose.
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