Why is Canada more expensive than the US

A trip to the USA or Canada - a dream for many! But if you suddenly have to see a doctor there, that doesn't just ruin your vacation plans. Being sick in the US or Canada is one of the most expensive for vacationers. Why? Examples from the practice of the emergency call center.

Root canal treatment at the dentist in USA - 1,400 euros.

Medical care is excellent in most areas of the United States, but the cost of even minor injuries is exorbitant. They can be eight to ten times as high as in Germany. A root canal treatment at the dentist costs around 1,400 euros - and has to be paid for immediately. Since the statutory insurance cover does not apply to non-European travel destinations, travelers need extensive international health insurance.

Why visits to the doctor in the USA and Canada are so expensive.

There are various reasons for the extremely high treatment costs in the USA and Canada. One of them is the research and development costs for medical devices and drugs, which are extremely high there. If the treatment is unsuccessful, patients can sue for high compensation payments under American law. This risk is therefore passed on to the "end product". For example, the price of antibiotics can be as high as five dollars per pill.

Another reason: Practicing doctors have to cover themselves with expensive professional liability insurance against the increased risk of patient lawsuits. In addition, there are no fixed cost rates in Canada and the USA - unlike in the German fee schedule. That means: Doctors and hospitals can calculate treatments individually. For example, it is also possible for doctors to charge $ 500 for an injection in the case of lumbago. Such unplanned payments naturally put a strain on the travel budget. The costs become even more extreme if you have to go to the emergency department of a hospital or are even admitted to the hospital. Incidentally, the doctors generally require prepayment for outpatient cases.

No advance payment at the hospital - with the ERV travel & care app in the luggage! That's how it's done!

Sick in the USA and Canada - that must be done.

Anyone who travels without travel health insurance will experience a nasty surprise on site or at home with the invoice at the latest. Because travelers have to pay for health expenses outside of Europe themselves. Incidentally, this also applies to any medical repatriation that may be necessary: ​​It can cost up to 60,000 euros from the USA or Canada!

If you get sick abroad and even have to go to the hospital during the trip, contact the emergency call center of your travel insurance company as soon as possible:

  1. Enter your insurance details in the hospital and call the emergency call center of your insurance company as soon as possible. In this way you ensure fast and reliable treatment and avoid high charges to your credit card.
  2. The ERGO Reiseversicherung's emergency call center immediately sends the hospital a guarantee that the costs will be covered and takes over the further billing.
  3. The staff and doctors at the emergency call center are available to advise you and your family. They support you during the treatment, especially if you need to be transported home.

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  1. Admitted on suspicion of a heart attack
    2 days KH
    Description Amount
    0210 CORONARY CARE 2.605.00
    0250 PHARMACY 152.28
    0260 IV THERAPY 514.26
    0300 LABORATORY 6,014.56
    0320 RADIOLOGY - DIAGNOSTIC 760.65
    0450 EMERGENCY ROOM 2,588.30
    0480 CARDIOLOGY 4,134.20
    0730 EKG / ECG (ELECTROCARDIOGRAM) 1,022.46
    Sum 18000USD