Why do door hinges squeak

The door hinge squeaks: what to do about it

Stop noises from creaking doors

If the door hinges squeaked, it can get annoying very quickly. It is hardly possible to open or close the door unnoticed. This source of noise can be silenced very easily, for example with a simple lubricant that is applied to the right place.

Stop the squeaking in just a few steps

It usually only takes a few steps to silence the squeaky or creaky hinges. Try the following means:

  • First you need to open the door and then unhook it.
  • Clean the bolts on the door hinges with a cloth from the household roll.
  • Then apply a little oil to the bolts on the door hinges.
  • It is best to use simple fine oil or sewing machine oil, if necessary edible oil will also do.
  • Spread the oil a little so that the entire contact surface is coated.
  • Then hang the door back in and press it several times.

Which also helps with squeaky doors

If you don't want to or can't just unhinge the door, there may be a different way of eliminating the ugly noises. Use a suitable lubricant such as WD-40 or another multi-function product that consists essentially of penetrating oil and is able to lubricate a hinge without removing the door. It is best to spray it carefully on the joints between the door and the counterpart in the door frame. But be careful not to spray the door frame or wallpaper. Here, too, operate the door several times and check whether the noises have been eliminated.

How to avoid noise

A few preventive measures are sufficient to prevent the creaking door hinges from occurring in the first place. Occasionally clean the door hinges and apply a little oil or a suitable lubricant to the bolts on the door hinges, ensuring adequate lubrication at all times.

Mark Heise
Article image: monte_a / Shutterstock
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