What is your favorite Russian food

Eat like in Russia

When I think of Russian cuisine, borscht, pelmeni and vodka immediately come to mind. But Russian cuisine has a lot more to offer.

To do this, we met Svetlana, who was born in Russia and grew up in Moscow. Svetlana knows what typical Russian dishes are and gives us some tips on Russian cuisine. Probably the most famous dishesBorscht, a beetroot soup, the filled dumplings Pelmeni, Pierogi and Wareniki as well as the little pancakes Blini. 

Pierogi, Pelmeni, Wareniki - all the same?

No. The difference is that Wareniki are often filled with sweet things, for example with jam or fruit. Pelmeni and pierogi are usually hearty stuffed with minced meat or potatoes. However, will Pierogi baked and Pelmeni cooked nice and soft. Pasta also includes blini, which is served both sweet and savory. All filled dumplings are prepared by hand, so that you get the feeling of "making it yourself", as Svetlana says.

In addition to pelmeni, blini with caviar, borscht and the hearty Alivjee salad are among Svetlana's favorite dishes. If you want to try Russian cuisine, meat is a must. Almost all dishes contain meat, which can of course also be replaced with fish or vegetables. In addition, flour, butter and potatoes are indispensable.

That's what people drink in Russia

Of course, one thing cannot be missing in Russia - Vodka. Russia offers a huge selection of the traditional drink, which translates as "Wässerchen". Well-known vodka are for example Beluga Vodka, Green Mark Vodka or Kauffman Vodka. Russian is brand new on the rise Craft beer. Svetlana thinks that everyone who is in Russia should definitely try the craft beer.

You can see the entire interview that took place during the 2018 World Cup and even more tips on Russian cuisine in the video.

Of: Sarah Backhaus, Length: 4 minutes 34 seconds

Here you will find the typical Russian dishes and also Svetlana's favorite dishes: