What is Italian sausage made of

Salsiccia: Italian sausage specialty

As diverse as the Italian landscape is, the range of sumptuous delights is just as diverse. An extremely popular specialty is salsiccia, a spicy sausage made from lean pork and bacon.

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Translated, Salsiccia simply means sausage. Depending on the regional origin, it is refined with fennel, paprika or cloves. The salsiccia can either be prepared like a conventional sausage in the pan or on the grill. Or it is used as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes.

Refines risotto and pasta

Salsiccia pressed from the skin is popular, for example, as a filling for meat and roast dishes. When cut into small pieces, it refines risotto or pasta sauces. The Italian sausage specialty is not available everywhere in Germany. Occasionally, however, you can find what you are looking for in delicatessen departments, and some online delicatessen retailers also offer them.

Enrichment for hearty barbecues

Many recipes from our Italy special can be refined with the aromatic salsiccia - kitchen creativity is required here. But the spicy sausage made from pork and bacon is also a welcome change for hearty barbecue evenings.
You can learn how to prepare a real Italian risotto with salsiccia in the video recipe for saffron risotto with salsiccia.

Tip from the e & t chef

And another tip from the food & drink kitchen: You should be careful when buying salsiccia. The Italian pork sausages are rather unsuitable for long transport routes and are therefore sometimes dry. It is best to ask the retailer about the qualities offered, the origin and the age of the goods.

You can order Salsiccia from German production on the Internet at www.genusshandwerker.de.