What is the perfect date

Finding the Perfect Date for the Wedding: Here's How We Do It

At the very beginning of planning the wedding, the bride and groom must first set a date for the special day. But how exactly do you find the perfect date for the wedding? In this post we give you tips on how to get the perfect date for the wedding finds.

If the wedding date has not yet been determined, planning for the wedding cannot really begin. After all, your guests, but of course the various service providers too, want to know when you're getting married.

This is how we set the wedding day

My sweetheart and I will soon be spending 10 years together as a couple. We came together on 09.09.2008. We got engaged on 08/09/2014 and married on 07/09/2015. For our second wedding, we have therefore chosen Sunday, June 9th, 2019. As you have probably already noticed for yourself, we just jumped forward every month. While the engagement day was more of a coincidence, we deliberately chose the wedding day. The 09.07.2015 was a Thursday, but everyone took extra vacation for us, for which we are still very grateful.

We had also considered taking a date on which our parents got married. In the end, however, we decided against it because we wanted to have a date of our own.

For our second weddings, we just keep jumping forward every month. A Sunday in June is also a very good day for a wedding.

This is how you can find the perfect date for the wedding

First, you should determine the time of year in which you would like to get married. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Once you have decided on a season, you have already narrowed down the time span a little. You can further reduce the time span if you decide to get married during or outside of the school holidays. After the elimination process, you can gradually narrow down the days until you have found the perfect date for the wedding.

Many newlyweds also like to get married on their anniversary or on the day they kissed for the first time, for example. Of course, certain constellations such as August 18, 2018, September 9, 2019 or similar are also welcome. There are of course also bridal couples who want a special location or a specific registry office. Here, the bride and groom have to address the dates that are still available.

Of course, the date does not necessarily have to play a role in advance or be a very specific day. Your wedding day can be any date at the appropriate time of year. Because after the wedding, this very day has a very special meaning.