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Park Jimin, or Mochi, as his fans affectionately call him, is the lead vocalist and also lead dancer of BTS. We have now collected 100 exciting facts about this member.

Jimin also originally considered using a stage name. His shortlist included Baby G, Baby J and Young Kid.

Jimin doesn't like spicy food, but he does enjoy it. Especially kimchi. On the other hand, he can't stand spinach at all. But he loves everything that has to do with meat or fruit and every kind of soup.

The instruments he can play include the guitar and the piano.

Jimin has in Taehyung not only found his best friend but also his soulmate. They argue, but the tatters definitely fly. Most of the time, it's about food because Jimin has an eating disorder that originated from his dysmorphophobia. This is a serious psychological disorder that ensures that the person concerned finds conspicuous cosmetic flaws that do not even exist. This disorder is very stressful for those affected. In the case of Jimin, it led him to go on very serious starvation diets, in which he ate nothing or very little for days just to lose a lot. Deficiency symptoms and fainting spells during dance training were the result.

It doesn't just suit its eternal roommate Hoseok very close, but also his parents. Once he called his father, whose number he naturally saved, to thank him for being born.

Jimin was the last of all members to join BTS. His trainee period only lasted a year and a half, and during that time he almost got kicked out of the band several times. He later said that it had to do with the fact that his dance training had struggled him to adapt to the hip-hop style that BTS had followed on their debut.

Count among his great role models Rain, Tae Yang of Big bang and Chris Brown.

His family consists of his parents, himself, and his younger brother Park Jihyun (born in 1997).

He is very perfectionist and trains extremely hard. There were times when he only slept three hours a day to use every free minute to keep improving. Today it is no longer so extreme, but it is very difficult to just switch off and take days off. During the month-long break BTS took in 2019, he told fans that he couldn't stand to finally get back to work.

He attended the Busan High School of Arts, where he learned modern dance and expressive dance.

It was one of his teachers who motivated him to join Big Hit Entertainment about the Hit It Audition to apply - the rest is history!

If he had a superpower, he would love to be able to talk to animals.

He used to hate being called cute by everyone, which eventually led to him starving so badly that he didn't have an overly round face. But today he has accepted himself for who he is.

During his school days he was class representative for nine years.

Blue and black are his favorite colors. He also likes light brown tones very much.

As for skinship, he's probably the most excessive member of BTS. He tends to hit his members when he has to laugh out loud, loves to hug them and otherwise touches them at every opportunity. However, Taehyung is sometimes bothered when he grabs his thigh, as the two of them used to cackle over it quite often.

He holds the black belt in Taekwondo.

For normal, he tries to solve his problems without any help. But if that doesn't work, or if he just needs encouragement, he goes to Taehyung for advice and consolation.

He is always annoyed by his members because he is the smallest of them all. Yoongi is only an inch taller than him, but is still not called a dwarf or anything else as often as he is.

When he laughs, his eyes become so small that he can no longer see anything.

His BT21 character is the white and black dog Chimmy, who always wears a yellow jumpsuit with a hood.

If he hadn't become a singer with BTS, he would probably be a policeman or a cook today. Both have been professional goals of his since childhood. That changed in middle school and from then on he wanted to be a singer.

He always supports Hoseok in teaching the other members in the dances. However, Namjoon and Jin sometimes complain that he is not very patient with them.

Hoseok and Jimin are also the two members BTS says are supposed to be the scariest when they get angry.

As soon as music starts playing, he immediately wants to dance.

He loves jewelry, especially rings and bracelets. He also has five piercings on his ears, two on the right and three on the left.

His skincare is very important to him because he always wants shiny skin. On a plane, he drinks as much water as possible to make this happen. Skincare is such a big topic for him because, in his eyes, it belongs to a certain extent to self-care. By doing cleansing, he also frees his mind from negative thoughts.

Jimin has several tattoos on his body. For example, the word Nevermind is on his torso while the number 13 is tattooed on his left wrist. This has several meanings for him, as both the debut of BTS and his birthday fall on a 13th.

Because he is always so caring for Jungkook, fans affectionately call him Jungkook's mum.

He's the clumsiest of all the members. He is by far the most common pain, slipping, stumbling, and even falling off chairs without moving in front of him.

His parents used to own a cafรฉ in Busan that was frequented by fans.

Rachel McAdams is his Hollywood crush. In general, he feels drawn to nice and sweet women.

His family used to have a dog named Ddosoon. However, he is no longer alive and since then he has no longer had the desire to have a pet again. Ddosoon meant a lot to him.

Just as Yoongi is particularly committed to mental health and Namjoon to LGBTQ +, Jimin has made it his business to break through classic gender roles. For example, he doesn't like it when you only see something in black and white when it comes to whether a man is behaving masculine. If his members say questionable things, he always points them out. So he discussed with the other guys during Bon Voyage openly about what the point is in simply saying that men shouldn't look at selfies of themselves.

Jimin loves giving presents to people. He also introduced that they give each other presents on their birthdays. Until then, the others didn't because they were men and men don't do that. You see: Jimin loves to drive out stereotypes from his members!

He used to be called Ddochi by fans and friends, but now Mochi has become more prevalent, which comes from his fluffy hairstyles. A huge white cap and a black mouth mask also gave him the nickname Jiminigiri (instead of Onigiri) for a short time. And then there's the nickname Chimchim that gives him Tony in American Hustle Life has given.

In mild weather, rainy, warm or cool, he loves to put the headphones in his ears and just go for a walk.

If he feels depressed, he immediately reaches for a cup of hot chocolate. It makes everything better!

He likes to get attention and is especially happy when someone compliments him for an appearance.

He has very small hands and at the same time also the smallest of all members. Taehyung, on the other hand, has the biggest hands in BTS. Jimin's little finger is only half the length of Taehyung's.

Jimin used to feel really brave with eyeliner. He used to need it himself at dance rehearsals. Had he seen himself in the mirror without eyeliner, he would have been embarrassed to dance hip-hop. However, he always needed help because he cannot apply it to himself.

His eyes are giving him a hard time at all. The first thing he does when he wakes up is an eye workout. They are so swollen from sleeping that he can hardly see anything. His left eye in particular often causes problems, as it has become a bit more sensitive after an accident. He hit the toilet seat with it once, after which it had to be sewn with eight stitches!

He is particularly proud of his abdominal muscles. He used to show them at every opportunity so that the members teased him even when he was depressed, that it was only because he couldn't show his upper body. Today he is a little more controlled when it comes to that. By the way, before his debut, he didn't like that at all. He only did it because the choreographer built it into the dance. However, when he saw the positive reactions from the fans, he quickly found pleasure in it.

Whenever he used to go out to karaoke, he loved Only look at me of Tae Yang singing as he was miserably in love with someone at the time.

He's not a morning person. Immediately after getting up he is quite grumpy and quickly upset about things, as you can see in various BTS programs.

The sandwiches his father used to make for him are a special family recipe. He shares it with the band by doing it again and again for the boys. The members love them!

Because, in his opinion, too many people prefer Iron Man from the Avengers, Hulk became his big favorite.

If he is a little embarrassed, he starts to hit one of the members who is sitting next to him. He also keeps his hand in front of his face when he starts to laugh.

Whenever one of the BTS members feels sad or discouraged, Jimin is the first port of call. He knows how to cheer up his dearest boys and what words to say to comfort them. Plus he's a hell of a listener!

Jimin is a real chickpea. He just thinks everything is funny and laughs all the time. He often bends forward so that he literally disappears from the picture. ROFL is also something that would have been invented by him had it not already existed.

When it comes to crossdressing, nobody has as much self-confidence as Jimin! He finds himself really pretty in little dresses and willingly poses for photos. Whether maid dress, women's hanbok or something else - Jimin rocks it! In his school days, he even won a competition to wear a hanbok for women.

What he likes most about himself changes regularly. Sometimes it's his eyes, sometimes his hair - it is most beautiful when his answer is: "I love my everything!"

Polite phrases are particularly important to Jimin. He even suddenly addressed his own parents in correct phrases when he was eight years old.

He doesn't like to wear too much clothes while sleeping, trousers and of course shorts are more than enough for him.

As soon as Jimin gets drunk, he becomes totally clingy and giggles even more than usual. He then speaks of himself in the third person and calls himself diminie.

Although he always sings, Jimin has an alternate version of at a concert Sugaโ€™sTony Montana rapped with him.

Incidentally, Jimin and Taehyung did not become friends through BTS alone. They got really tight because they went to school together after they moved to Seoul. Her classmates made fun of Jimin for his Busan dialect, and Taehyung began to stand up for him and defend him against them.

In addition to a fear of heights, Jimin also has a panic of butterflies. When he was little, another boy put such an animal in his underpants. Since then he has avoided animals wherever he can.

Jimin is a very sensitive man who is often very hard on himself and his mistakes. This is definitely where his perfectionism comes in. If he gets too upset, he often begins to cry. Even when he is sad or particularly happy, tears flow quickly.

Jungkook and Jimin have remarkable chemistry when it comes to dancing together.

He has a scar over his left eyebrow from slipping in the bathroom.

He keeps throwing his hair back. And if he doesn't, he'll definitely brush his hair back with his hand.

Do you know the game Minesweeper that brings nightmares to countless of us? Jimin is a pro at it!

Just like Jungkook, he has a strong urge to win at all costs when he participates in something.

He learned the โ€œpoppingโ€ dance style in eighth grade (second grade middle school). He became interested in it when he saw his role model Rain perform one of these.

Jimin has a relatively difficult time writing songs. He once brought Yoongi lyrics that sounded more like a nursery rhyme than a good song to her. In the end, his lyrics could not be used. However, parts of it come from the lyrics for his song Lie from his pen.

As a child, he wished he was a mechanized human like in the manga / anime Galaxy Express 999.

BTS unanimously agree that Jimin is the friendliest of them all.

His dream woman is also a very friendly person, and she has to be shorter than him.

Somersaults, splits, tricks - no problem for Jimin! He is so agile that he can reach for his toes at any time without having to warm up.

Taehyung believes that Jimin will later fall in love with someone older than himself.

Boy In Luv is one of his all-time favorite songs. On the other hand, he doesn't like Fire that much because he is really saturated with dancing it over and over again. (Perhaps that has changed again in the meantime, after all, the promotion phase for the song was a long time ago!)

For Jimin, BTS are like a second family. He would like to never live without them again, because even if they all have partners and maybe children, he wants to live in the same neighborhood as they do.

Even if his English is not particularly advanced, Jimin regularly receives compliments for how well he can speak Japanese - from international as well as Japanese fans! Talk show hosts also repeatedly praised him for his perfect pronunciation.

The western world of music first had to be brought closer to him by the members. For example, he thought that the Grammys were a singer's name and didn't know before what a big deal Billboard magazine, along with the associated charts and awards show, was.

Namjoon says that Jimin is the most adult of them all.

His teachers are upset that he's an idol today for being such a good student that they think he's definitely lost entrepreneurial talent.

Dinosaurs are a subject that Jimin is particularly interested in.

His love for One Piece is so great that for his birthday Yoongi bought him all the mangas that had been published up to that point in one seat. (At that time there were 89 volumes.) On the same day Taehyung gave him a figure by Lorenor Zorro.

The uniform that Jimin wears in the video for the graduation song actually belongs to Taehyung. He stole it from him so that at least part of him would be included in the pre-debut activities there V. was kept secret until shortly before the debut as a secret member and was therefore never seen.

Jimin is a real prankster. His fondness for playing pranks on others doesn't even stop at performing with the guys. So it happened that he was Namjoon Anpanman simply leaves it confused while it disappears in a common part.

The members think that of all of them, Jimin has changed and developed the most since their debut.

He adores Jungkook. So much so that he always calls him when it comes to the three things he would take with him to a desert island and when he should name three things that he particularly likes.

Jimin thinks he has a lot in common with Namjoon and Hoseok. He shares a lot in common with his leader when it comes to preferences and with Hoseok he shares his cheerful character.

Once upon a time, his greatest wish was to become a respected musician. Check!

A particularly beautiful moment for him occurred on the first day of 2013. He couldn't go home to his family and the other BTS members were also in the dorm.They held a party together where they enjoyed various snacks.

Could they do what they wanted for a day without worrying what others think Jimin was walking around naked visiting the beach.

When he uploads a selfie, he has made at least 30 different variations of it beforehand in order to then choose the best one. Because he doesn't think he's particularly photogenic.

Jimin once revealed that whenever Jungkook annoys him in front of the camera, he comes to him later at bedtime and whispers that he is sorry and loves him.

There is a Twitter account that deals intensively with Jimin's various dance techniques and how well he masters them. Here is one of the many threads on this account:

[Analysis Thread]

Body waves vs body rolls: Did you know there was a difference? Did you know Jimin likes to torture us with both? And he's really good at it? ๐Ÿ˜“

Warning: This thread is not for the faint of heart.#[email protected]_twtpic.twitter.com/ztqMtieEd3

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If he could rob the members of a quality, he would want Namjoon's height, Taehyung's look and talent, Hoseok's cleanliness, and Yoongi's broad knowledge.

To be among his best friends outside of BTS Timoteo of HOTSHOT, Taemin of SHINee, Quay of EXO and Ha Sungwoon of Wanna One.

If he had to choose an English stage name, it would be Christian Chim Chim.

He once accidentally spent seven hours playing on his phone.

Instead of sweets or salty snacks, he prefers anything that is sour. Everything where there is lemon is one of his big favorites.

Namjoon once said that if you ask Jimin if he is crying, Jimin will immediately cry.

For letting him join the members during the dance of No more dream always had to kick his back so hard, he always felt bad. Once Namjoon even fell because he had so much momentum and a guilty conscience haunted him for a long time.

He thinks it's best when someone calls him cool. That's why he likes the nickname Metojaengi very much (which translates as "someone who is cool").

Jimin is very athletic and the fastest runner in the band. When BTS still had time to take part in the ISAC, he was always positioned as the starting runner in the relay race in order to gain as much time as possible for the others.

Numerous international celebrities are true Jimin fanboys. He has a particularly warm relationship with his quasi-namesake Jimmy Fallon.

. @ BTS_twt at #CitiField tonight !! New York loves you! Break a leg !! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ Chimmy # BTSxCITIFIELDpic.twitter.com / AmhRrTM8Jc

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