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6 facial features that can make you look manly

The process of making a face look more feminine is not about adding features per se, but also about reducing existing male features. There are six facial features that can make you look very manly. Feminization of the face and other treatment options can help you strengthen your femininity and get closer to your true identity.

Gender differences in facial features are the result of hormonal and cultural influences. In general, the bone structure of a male head - the frontal bone, jaw, and chin - is more pronounced and angular. The bone structure of a female head is smoother and her face is more oval and less angular. In general, a man's facial features are coarser and more pronounced, while those of a woman are smaller and more delicate.


Men usually have wider noses, and the nasal bone can be slightly curved or even slightly indented. The angle between the nose and lips in men is usually no more than 90 degrees.

Women, on the other hand, have a narrower nose. In addition, the profile is more concave, which means that women often have a slightly raised tip of their nose (ideally 120 degrees). Furthermore, the angle between the nose and lip is larger in women than in men and female nostrils are usually smaller. The entire nose contour has a strong influence on the perceived gender. A nose job can make your nose look more feminine.


It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so the eyebrows are similar to curtains because they frame and reinforce the eyes. A man's eyebrows are usually larger, straighter, and closer to the eyes. A woman's eyebrows are narrower and curved upwards, which makes them farther away from the eyes. Female eyes are slightly larger and appear "more open" than male eyes. For some transgender patients, simple waxing can help to get more feminine eyebrows. For others, forehead reconstruction can lead to better results.

Frontal bone

The main difference between a male and female forehead is that men often have a thickening of the frontal bone above the eye sockets, also called the ridges or arches of the browbones. The female forehead usually shows hardly any thickening of the frontal bone. Due to the arches of the eyebrows, the male forehead falls more steeply and the angle between the forehead and nose is sharper when viewed from the side. In women, the forehead looks more vertical when viewed from the side and the angle between the nose and forehead is more open. A reconstruction of the forehead can smooth the browbones.


The lips are another facial feature that can create a very masculine appearance. By nature, men have thinner and longer lips while women have fuller lips. That being said, male lips are further from the nose than female lips, which are closer to the nose in part due to their volume.

The lips can be made more feminine by adding more volume to the red lips using lipofilling. The distance between nose and lip can be reduced with a lip lift.

Chin and jaw

The male chin is almost always more prominent and larger than the female chin, which is smaller and far less defined. The male chin usually appears more square, while the chin of women appears rounder. The jaw line is another feature that makes a face look more masculine. In men, the jaw is wider and more pronounced, in women it is less pronounced. Various procedures can help reduce the size and shape of the male chin and jaw area, including chin correction and jaw angle reduction.

Adam's apple (windpipe)

While many women do have some masculine facial features, the Adam's apple is always a giveaway. It is only formed in boys during puberty, when the cartilage begins to grow around the vocal cord, causing the voice to break and deepen. The resulting accentuation of the larynx is called the Adam's apple. Grinding the Adam's apple can reduce the size of the Adam's apple and make it look more feminine.

These six facial features can create a more masculine look, especially in transgender patients. Fortunately, today world-renowned surgeons who specialize in Facial Feminization Surgery can use advanced technology to help create a female face that more closely reflects your inner self.

Meer over Facial Feminization Surgery

Meer over Facial Feminization Surgery

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