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Get rich: These 7 things make rich people different

Get Rich: These 7 Millionaire Tips Will Help You

Who wouldn't want to be rich? It doesn't even have to be about affording luxury. A certain wealth simply relaxes because it offers security. Isn't the job going well? Doesn't matter - because in an emergency you don't have to rely on the money.

Now many people wish to get rich. But most of them don't make it after all. Many are initially on the right track: They work hard and save their money. In the end, however, it trickles through their fingers again. The US author Thomas C. Corley has investigated why this is so. To do this, he asked more than 200 rich people who had earned their own wealth about their habits. He came to the conclusion that it depends on two behaviors whether people get rich or not. These are: accumulate wealth - and keep it.

That sounds simple at first, but is often not that easy to implement in everyday life. That is why Corley asked the participants in his study about their habits and drew his conclusions about how to get rich and stay that way:

1. Set firm goals

Many people have dreams - be it a big trip, their own business or a huge house. For many, however, it stays that way and they fail to make these dreams come true. However, Corley has found that wealthy people hold fast to their goals, not let them dissuade them. They work step by step to make their dreams come true. For this, not only a certain consistency is decisive, but above all a strong will.

2. Work on yourself every day

Those who have built up their own wealth and not inherited it are probably very familiar with what they do every day. Corley therefore recommends doing the same for the rich: If you want to get really rich, you should study for at least 30 minutes every day - ideally by reading about your own industry. In general, however, it turns out that many rich people take the time to read in order to broaden their own horizons, no matter which reading they choose. (Also read: 5 investments that are worthwhile and that will save you money in the long term)

3. Put money aside

It's actually simple: if you want to build up wealth, you have to put as much money as possible aside. It sounds a bit boring, but if you want to get rich, you actually have to save above all. Experts recommend setting aside around ten to 20 percent of your income every month - if possible, significantly more.

4. Invest cleverly to get rich

If money is bobbing around in the savings account at a low interest rate, then it will not multiply. You might even lose money through inflation. Rich people therefore invest their money cleverly: They weigh the risks carefully and then choose a form of investment that offers an acceptable risk at a good return - for example by investing in stocks, real estate or bonds. They invest the money long-term and usually don't touch it, but let it work for them. At the latest when they retire, they break their money in order to be able to maintain their standard of living. (Also Read: The 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World)

5. Control the expenses

Money is spent quickly - especially when you are emotionally troubled or have the feeling that you want to treat yourself to something. Then spontaneous purchases quickly occur. However, wealthy people avoid such purchases and weigh carefully before making a purchase. They know that spontaneous purchases often only make you happy for a very short time. In addition, they always have an overview of their expenses because they keep a record of them.

6. You stay optimistic

The economy is in crisis, the company is not doing well at the moment and stocks are plummeting? What leads some people to luxury purchases according to the motto “it doesn't matter now” tempts permanently rich people to lick their wounds and then look forward again: They are able to adapt flexibly to changes and to adjust themselves adapt to new circumstances - and then, for example, choose a different form of investment that better suits your current situation. You can also sit out a crisis and make the best of it for yourself.

7. You live modestly

Many wealthy people do not show off their wealth, but even live below their means. In this way, they can put more money aside, which they can let work for them with their investments. It is important, however, to treat yourself to something - there is a fine line between modesty and stinginess. Whoever uses his wealth uses it for his own purposes and is happy about it. However, those who are stingy are driven by the fear of losing their money again - and that is guaranteed not to make you happy.

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