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Applicant check: how far can the certificate review go?

Some employers would like to take a closer look at applicants' certificates. But under what circumstances is such a check permitted - and what applies to the so-called background checks?

Letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, work samples and references - as an applicant, you reveal a lot of information about yourself. What is given in the application is not enough for every employer to be able to assess a potential employee. May he then check the information in certificates? Basically: "If the applicant gives his consent when submitting his documents that information can be checked by the company through inquiries with previous employers, then that is not a problem", explains Peter Meyer, Specialist lawyer for labor law. In some companies, this consent is requested by default. If not, play data protection also plays a major role. The potential new employer is allowed to carry out a review of what is in an applicant's certificates. First, however, the applicant must be asked directly about any ambiguities or contradictions in the application documents. "The HR manager, on the other hand, is not allowed without the applicant's consent, Calling a colleague in the former company for no reason to check the applicant's details, "is Meyer's assessment. However, there is one big gray area, for example when it comes to checking information on the Internet. For so-called Background checks - if companies hire service providers to systematically check applicant information - an employer also needs the applicant's consent in advance, in Meyer's opinion. If there are any ambiguities in certificates or other documents, an employer must first ask the applicant and obtain permissionto take further exams. "Whether the applicant really refuses to do this is of course another question," said Meyer. Be it tactically not very smartto refuse this request from a potential future employer - after all, you may lose your chance of getting a job.
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