What moments make us happy and sad

10 tips to make people happy

10 tips to make people happy | Have you ever noticed that there are hardly any smiling people around you? No “good day”, no “goodbye”, no “thank you”, no “please”!

Have we forgotten these simple phrases? Do we forget the importance of going through the day positively? A bad comment or bad news can screw up the whole day. In addition, we allow ourselves to be influenced more quickly by negative things than by positive ones. So it can't get that far.

If the people around us are happy, so are we, and vice versa, of course, just as happy. We ourselves can control and change our moods. And the best way to do this is to spread a good mood.


1. Spread positive energy

Always have a smile on your face, talk about the things you love, make positive comments about your surroundings, and make those around you feel good. Happiness is contagious. So pay attention to your basic attitude in order to influence others positively.

2. Say thank you

It can be that easy to distribute happiness. The simple word "thank you" is a gesture of appreciation. It's a positive, healing word. Whether friends or strangers, everyone deserves a “thank you” on the day.

Important here: Look your counterpart in the eye, so he knows that you mean business.

3. Listen

You can make a person happier by just being there and really listening to them. Turn your body towards the person you are listening to, put your phone aside or turn it off. So you can tell that you are ready to pay full attention. This is the easiest way to show someone how much you value and appreciate them.

4. Make others laugh

People laugh far too little. You can make a person's rest of the day a lot more enjoyable by making them laugh. Be it through a joke or a gesture. Laughter works wonders for you too, so why shouldn't it work for others?

5. Call a friend

Get in touch with an old friend or someone you haven't spoken to in a long time for no reason. Say "Hello" and ask how he's doing. Conversations come about quickly and your friend doesn't feel forgotten.

6. Compliments

Just compliment someone. But beware! It has to be honest and not exaggerated. Say how great you think the shoes they are wearing or that you like the hairstyle. As long as you don't go overboard in a way that makes the person uncomfortable, a nice compliment can instantly make them happier.

7. Post something positive on social media

Write a nice saying, send a joke or a funny photo! So you can instantly reach many of your friends, and who knows, maybe there is exactly someone there who is having a bad day and laughing at your post.

8. Donate your things that you don't need

Be it old clothes, toys or even your old bike. It will make someone very happy on this earth. While you will likely never see that person, you know that your dusty things may please someone else.

9. One good deed a day

Try to help someone once a day. It doesn't have to be something big. Hold the door open for a stranger, help an old lady across the street, help your neighbor with the shopping. There are many little things that not only make others happy, but above all make you feel good.

10. Just give something

A little attention out of order is usually more intense for the recipient than on annual occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. Here, too, it's more the little things. The work colleague raves about a chocolate he once ate, or a friend's cactus died of thirst. One often learns in small conversations what the recipient likes. Nothing makes a person happier than a special gift without a special occasion.


There is no good unless you do it.


Imagine if we applied all of these tips on a daily basis. Happiness would spread like a virus. And only you can start. Be happy, honest and, above all, open. Because where shared suffering is halved, shared happiness becomes twice as strong.

Just give it a try and we promise you will notice the difference straight away - whether it is you or the person you are talking to.


Have you found our points useful? Or do you have your own experience on the subject?

Then tell us in the comments what you do to make other people happy?


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