How does kindergarten compare to preschool?

A comparison of the Kita bridge year and pre-school to prepare for the school entry phase

Bachelor thesis from 2016 in the field of education - kindergarten, preschool, early childhood. Education, grade: 1.0, University of Hamburg, language: German, abstract: The aim of this thesis is to compare the social and emotional well-being of first graders in Hamburg six months after starting school, depending on the institution they attended. The comparison reference will be the respective pre-school attendance of the children: the so-called Kita bridge year or the pre-schools of the primary schools in Hamburg.First, in the theoretical part of the present work (chapter two) the basic definitions of transitions are presented and various models of transitions are presented and analyzed . This is followed by a comparison of the institutional concepts of early childhood support in Hamburg: the preschool and the day care bridge year. Based on these explanations, the current state of German research on preschool institutions, parental support and gender-segregated teaching is shown below. The basis of the empirical work is the quantitative survey of the emotional and social well-being of first graders in the transition process at a total of four Hamburg primary schools. The exact procedure is explained in the third chapter and the results are then presented and analyzed in chapter four in order to then subject them to a discussion and reflect. This work ends with a brief, personal conclusion in chapter six.

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