The world is changing

Change the world

Responsibility becomes investment

We humans change the world. For centuries this meant progress towards a better life - but growth went hand in hand with the exploitation of the planet. For several decades we have felt how our actions are transforming the world as a whole. Climate change robs us of our livelihoods.

What we do today, as the past teaches, only shows its full effects when our grandchildren have to deal with it.

We have to face this responsibility.

Our world has already become so complicated and complex that we do not see how our usual behavior is destroying the world. So now we have to change the world by doing something that makes an impact. Impact.

Future - the best investment

In today's world we can combine two challenges. Because on the one hand we have to secure our own financial future with the money we earn today. And on the other hand, we can now use this money to invest in a way that will change the world in the right direction.

This is nothing new. Several trillion dollars of fixed assets are already invested in "sustainable investments" worldwide.2 In ESG, E stands for "Environmental", that is, environmental criteria. S for "Social", that is, the observance of social criteria. And G for “governance”, which means responsible corporate management.

So everything is fine?

It's good. That is a beginning. But it hardly has any positive effect. There are two main reasons for this: On the one hand, the ESG criteria are not standardized; everyone can more or less choose their own criteria. So it happens that automobile manufacturers, technology groups or companies in the oil industry are represented in some ESG funds.


On the other hand, compliance with ESG rules does not yet have an effect on slowing down climate change or mitigating its consequences.

Effect can be achieved if the energy required by our modern society is obtained from sources other than fossil fuels or nuclear power. Investing in solar power plants or wind power is nowadays often a privilege for a few, mostly institutional investors. The reason for this is, of course, that large investments are necessary and the money is tied up in the long term, since power plants cannot be sold as easily as securities.

And this is exactly where we at Commerz Real1 found the starting point to use our knowledge of renewable energies and our experience with real asset investments to make an impact for private investors.

With klimaVest, Commerz Real's first impact fund1 for private investors.

Investment. Rethought.

klimaVest: Investing and protecting the climate - give your portfolio sustainable relevance.

In times of change, it has proven useful to put topics in new contexts. klimaVest from Commerz Real1 enables the connection of private capital and attractive sustainable assets. With klimaVest you invest in the areas of onshore and offshore wind parks or photovoltaics, among other things. With our many years of experience and together with you, we rethink modern investments and take responsibility for future generations.

What we can do for you, what effect your investment will have on your personal CO2-Footprint, you can get it in our CO2-View calculator.

How much C02 is released through your daily life each year? And how much would you have to invest in klimaVest to compensate for that? Calculate your personal balance with our CO2-Computer!

To the CO2-Computer it goes this way

"KlimaVest connects sustainability and assets. We have developed a solution that gives private investors access to security-oriented investments and thereby has a positive ecological impact. "

Tobias Huzarski
Head of Impact Investment
Commerz Real Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

1The management company of klimaVest is Commerz Real Fund Management S.à r.l.
2Global Sustainable Investment Review 2018 of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance