How do you feel without your cat

It feels like the first lockdown is only just over, so there is already speculation about the next one. Many people have felt lonely since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. No vacation, home office and then the Oktoberfest will be canceled. One can despair at times.

Many a lonely soul may come up with the idea of ​​polishing up their own well-being with a pet, a so-called pet Corona cat for example. Because the positive effects on stress levels, well-being and feelings of loneliness that interaction with animals can have are undisputed.

Corona cat against loneliness?

In fact, a great many people have adopted puppies or kittens in the past few months for the sake of the lonliness to escape in the pandemic. Unfortunately, such rash decisions are made often regretted it again very quickly. Because such a corona cat has much more needs than just healing the psyche of its owner.

So in case you're up ebay classifieds Enter "kitten" - better leave it. Because the good news is: you can from the positive effects, the animals have on us in our everyday life, benefit without tying a Corna cat to your leg.

Study: Pet owners are getting through the pandemic better

The University of York figured out how to get your psyche can trick you even in pandemic times and without a corona cat feel just as happy and relaxed like living in a room full of Labradoodle puppies.

A study was done and 6,000 people took part. 90 percent of them were pet owners. It turned out that most of them comfort and cheer found in their animal roommates during lockdown. So maybe get a corona cat after all?

Corona cat or would you prefer goldfish?

No! Because, contrary to what was expected, it made little difference whether the test subjects were holders from an animal close to humans like a dog or cat, or from slightly less labor intensive animals like a fish or hamster. The happiness factor was the same.

And one more result was surprising: the most popular and perceived as very positive interaction with non-domesticated pets is bird watching. So you don't need a corona cat to reduce stress, just go outside.

This is how you will be happy even without a corona cat

Psychologist Carla Marie Manly explains that interactions with animals can cause stress, Can reduce anxiety and feelings of depression - and all without getting your own corona cat.

If you don't have the time or the financial means to have your own pet, you can still benefit from the psychological benefits of interacting with animals benefit. Just go for a walk with dogs from the neighborhood or sit the cats of friends over the weekend.

There are platforms and apps that target the Placement of pet sitters are specialized. A clear plus point here: You also earn money with it. Because even if not so much in the vacation is driven - many pet owners enjoy taking a few days off from their parental responsibilities.

Another tip for the shy

If that's not enough to keep you from rushing to buy a corona cat, Dr. Manly one more tip in the implementation no human interaction whatsoever requires:

"Watch out for them Sounds of nature in the park around the corner or in the forest. Whether the chirping of birds or the chattering of squirrels: the sounds of nature calm the body, mind and soul. "

Also Nature films have according to Dr. Manly have a positive effect on your mood. When looking at cuddling bears or baby snow leopards, feel-good neurochemicals are released. So do you feel better quickly, without the responsibility for a corona cat.

When in doubt, goldfish

And if, despite everything, you still absolutely want to have your own pet, Dr. Manly (no kidding) to a goldfish. A solid choice for beginners compared to a costly and time-consuming corona cat. The relaxation effect is the same, such a fishbowl can be very decorative and do not have the bathroom full of cat litter.

If you are currently in quarantine or to prepare for a possible lockdown, we already have tips for you, what you can do in isolation. We also asked ourselves at what age women are happiest and we will tell you the clear result.