Crows are bigger than ravens

The difference between ravens and crows

Is there a difference between ravens and crows? The ravens and crows both belong to the corvidae family and to the genus Corvus (ravens and crows). How do you distinguish the crows from the ravens? The difference is in the size. They are all black birds that are difficult to tell apart. The ravens are bigger than the crows. The ravens in Germany include the common raven and the crows in Germany include, for example, the carrion crow, the rook, the jackdaw and the hooded crow. The carrion crow is a subspecies of the carrion crow. Worldwide there are over a hundred species that belong to the ravens and crows. What do ravens and crows look like? I will show you some pictures about the appearance, recognition and identification of ravens and crows.

Images for the appearance and identification of ravens, crows and corvids

Here you will find all the data and information about ravens and crows. Such as who or what is bigger raven or crow, a profile about the corvids, with properties, characteristics of the crows and ravens, mating season and reproduction, peculiarities, size of the ravens and crows, enemies of ravens and crows, breeding season of ravens and crows, the breeding grounds of crows and ravens. Now have fun with my documentaries.

List ravens and crows

Image of ravens and crows - black birds - ravens

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Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg