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Ridesharing ticket (Lyft, Uber, etc.)

I first used Lyft last week and realized that I don't know the right etiquette if there is any.

With a taxi, it's common for the driver to come by, open the trunk, pick up your luggage, then open the rear passenger door to let you in, then pick up the bike and drive away. The front seat of a taxi is often only used when several passengers are traveling together and not all of them fit in the back seat.

What is the correct etiquette for Uber, Lyft, and similar ridesharing? The driver (as far as I have experience) doesn't usually jump out and help with luggage or open a door for me to get in.

Is it rude for me to jump in the front seat? Should I ask him to open the trunk for my luggage or just toss it on the back seat next to me?


Here is an interesting article on USA Today Tech that mentions some pointers for proper Uber etiquette:

  • Plan to open the door yourself even though most of my drivers got up quickly to do that for me.

  • Most drivers sit in the back on the right on a diagonal from the driver, which makes it easier to speak - or just gives instructions. If you want to ride the shotgun, ask before getting in the front seat.

  • Most drivers put their luggage in the trunk. But be considerate. When I was in Washington a few months ago, it turned out that my driver was a petite woman of a certain age. My bag: madness. I did the heavy lifting myself (although she offered it).

  • Don't make a mess in the car. No feet on the seat, no rubbish left behind when you get out. Don't smoke either. We all know that, don't we?

  • Give your driver a good rating if you deserve it.

All in all, I take Uber as a friendly and relaxed taxi service. Hence, I don't expect the door or trunk to be open to me (this, of course, is the complete opposite of UberBlack services which are nothing more than luxury car rentals). The surefire way for me is to ask the driver if he has any doubts.

Regarding luggage, I wouldn't throw it on the back seat next to you as it could stain the seats. The trunk is definitely the way to go unless the driver instructs otherwise.

In Australia, the etiquette is slightly different from the above. Uber is very similar to taxis.

You will be expected to approach the taxi / Uber and open the door for yourself. If you have luggage, lean over and ask the driver if he'll open the trunk. Then you will go back and put your luggage in the trunk and lock it yourself. At this point, sit in the seat next to the driver if you are alone, or sit in the back if there are two of you. A quick exchange of "How are you?" And "In this weather?" Usually takes place when you're either taking a quiet ride or the driver is feeling chatty. Upon arrival, exchange your luggage and set off.

There are no set rules for the Uber / Lyft / Gett driver etc to perform these actions.

The driver would normally open the trunk for you, but they are unlikely to open the door for you. The most important thing is that you can rate the driver for Uber and Lyft and leave comments on their performance. The only thing to worry about is that they can rate you too. So be reasonable about your expectations and requirements.

I've taken Uber multiple times in Florida and sometimes drivers ask you to sit in the front seat and have no problem sitting there. So it's up to the individual driver.

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