How did you let someone down

to let someone down (German)

Part of speech: idiom

ever | one | he | she | he |
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈJeːmandn̩ ɪm ˈʃtɪç ˈlasn̩]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Don't give someone help and support, leave someone alone
Origin of the term:
The origin of this idiom is unclear. It is possible that in the Middle Ages in tournaments or in battle it was meant that a knight whom other comrades in arms had abandoned was more likely to do so Stitches the enemy was at the mercy.
1) leave someone out in the rain
Related terms:
1) leave alone
Application examples:
1) Please let me not in this difficult time in the lurch!
1) “His bearers have him let down and at the mercy of hostile nature - a bad shock, the scope of which is almost impossible to describe in retrospect. "
1) “As soon as we begin to experiment with the term time, even if it is only as a thought experiment or for a purely intellectual pastime, we must find that our language and with it our thought processes very soon us let down.


  • Arabic: 1) ترك شخصا في محنته
  • English: 1) leave someone in the lurch
  • French: 1) abandonner, laisser tomber
    • Kurmanji: 1) di cih de hiştin
  • Dutch: 1) somebody in de steek laten, inmand in de kou laten staan
  • Polish: 1) zostawić kogoś na lodzie
  • Swedish: 1) lämna någon i sticket, överge
  • Spanish: 1) dejar plantado, dejar en la estacada
  • Czech: 1) nechat někoho ve štychu
  • Turkish: 1) birisini yüzüstü bırakmak
  • Hungarian: 1) cserben hagy

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fjall: ... capable) 1) sleppa einhvørjum upp á fjall - literally: "let someone up on the mountain" (let someone down) 1) nú er mítt fjall gingið - literally: "now my mountain is ...

hang: ... a son is attached to his mother. “Idiom / idioms: 1) let someone down - let someone down 1) the house blessing is crooked 1) hanging by a thread ...

Sting:… 8) Ih, the milk has a sting! 9) Don't do that, you've got a trick! Idiom / idioms: abandoning someone, being unable to land a sting, not seeing a stab ...

plans: ... bang 9) smuggle in (spies) 10) smuggle in (incriminating), smuggle, deposit 11) let someone down Examples of use: idioms / idioms: plant something on ...

lämna någon i sticket:… On the när somehow you can lämna oss i sticket. I am sure they can leave us in the lurch anytime. German translations: 1) failing someone ...

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