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The 15 best Anime in German (Ger Dub)

Even if it feels like 90% of the German anime scene has an aversion to German dubbing, there are always fans who prefer exactly this. It is not uncommon for beginners who finally want to see their first anime, but have not yet been able to get used to Japanese dubbing and subtitles. For these people, here are the 15 best anime in German.

Info: The anime series were randomly placed. This is not a toplist, but more of a recommendation.
In addition, this list only contains anime in German that have already been completely dubbed.


Erased is about the boy Satoru, who has the mysterious gift of preventing accidents and tragic events by traveling back in time. When his mother is killed one day, he wants to travel back in time, but something unexpected happens. He manages to jump back in time, but not just a few minutes, no, this time he finds himself in front of his old elementary school as a little boy - a few days before the kidnapping of his classmate Kayo.

Year of publication: 2016

Number of episodes: 12

Assassination classroom

A strange alien who threatens the earth goes to a school to become a teacher. Supported by the government, the students in class 3-E become killers who are supposed to kill the overpowering creature called "Koro-Sensei". However, an intimate relationship develops between the students and their new teacher and things turn out differently than expected.

Year of publication: 2016

Number of episodes: 47


It is not easy for every god, especially when he lacks a shrine of his own. Without a permanent home, Yato is forced, despite his divine status, to offer his services as a kind of Rent-a-God. He draws customers' attention to himself with advertising scribbles and graffiti in public toilets and on house walls, and if that weren't already depressing enough, his divine weapon also terminates his service. In this situation, the student Hiyori saves him from an approaching car, but is hit by it herself. After recovering, she tries to find Yato again, but in an incident she finds out that her soul has been between her world and the hereafter since the accident, which gives her special powers. She decides to work with Yato and help him fight the threat to the people.
(Source: aniSearch)

Year of publication: 2014

Number of episodes: 12

Death Note

Light is a high school student who is terribly bored with his life. Only when he finds a mysterious notebook that has the ability to kill does it really blossom again. Because the ability to end other people's lives just by writing down their names is tempting and can be used for much more than just good. Light's life quickly turns into a real game of cat and mouse, facing the police and an unbelievable detective named "L".

Year of publication: 2006

Number of episodes: 37

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a world that is not only inhabited by humans, but also by beings that feed on human flesh: so-called ghouls. They are feared by the residents of Tokyo and are hunted by the government. The naive Ken Kaneki also lives in this world, who one day falls in love with a girl who turns out to be a ghoul without further ado and wants nothing more than to eat Ken. Due to an accident, Ken can barely avoid the worst, but his life is in danger and has to be operated on. When he wakes up in the hospital, he is relieved, but realizes that something is different about his body. He suddenly feels a strange hunger for human flesh.

Year of publication: 2014

Number of episodes: 48


A giant nine-tailed fox monster attacks the village of Konohagakure and destroys everything around it. Many brave ninjas die trying to protect their families and defend the village. Finally, a unique ninja manages to tame the demon and locks him in the body of a newborn. However, this hero, the fourth generation Hokage, has to pay a heavy price. He loses his life saving the village.

12 years have passed after this disaster, the boy Naruto Uzumaki, a somewhat clumsy ninja, has just passed his first final exam at the ninja academy. Now that he has passed the first hurdle on the way to becoming a great ninja, he and his two friends set off to complete many missions for the village. At his side is the young girl Sakura Haruno, with whom Naruto is madly in love, and the young model student Sasuke Uchiha, in whom Sakura is madly in love. This leads to a lot of exciting and funny situations when completing their missions.
(Source: aniSearch)

Year of publication: 2002

Number of episodes: 220

One Punch Man

Saitama is a hero who became a hero just for fun. After three years of "special" training, he became so strong that he is practically invincible. He eliminates his most powerful opponents with a single blow, hence his nickname “One Punch Man”. But being insurmountably strong is a pretty boring business.
And so his passion for being a hero may have been lost along with his hair ... It's just stupid that he is still confronted with new opponents every day. How long will Saitama be able to continue like this?
(Source: Anime on Demand)

Year of publication: 2015

Number of episodes: 12

Death Parade

“Welcome to Quindecim!” At first, the visitors to this bar are still clueless when they meet the white-haired bartender Decim, until he greets them with the words “Now the fight in which your life is at stake is about to begin!” and them thatDeath Game introduces. A cruel, fateful game develops in which the true nature of the guests finally comes to light and in the end Decim is revealed as a referee who is obliged to pass judgment on the visitors.
(Source: aniSearch)

Year of publication: 2015

Number of episodes: 12

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