Why do we girls like boys

9 things we hate about ourselves but love boys

9 things we hate about ourselves but love boys

Do guys really like colored hair, makeup, and long fingernails?

Artificial fingernails, eyelash extensions or colored hair - all of these are used when we girls want to beautify ourselves because we don't like our natural hair color, find our eyelashes too short or dream of long, colorful fingernails. Of course we do all of this just for ourselves ... safe ?! Or maybe to impress our crush? If the latter is the case, from today we can lean back and relax: Because what we don't like about ourselves can be particularly attractive to boys.

Boys love these qualities about us

1. Guys love natural hair color!

White-gray, rose-blonde or bright red? Adios, hair coloring for hours. Hello healthy, natural hair. Boys like our natural hair color best. And if you are still dissatisfied with your natural hair color, choose a gentle, natural tint - after all, you should feel good!

2. Freckles

Are you one of those people who try to cover up their freckles? Why actually? First of all, it's not good to put loads of makeup on the skin, and secondly: Boys love the cute little spots.

3. Short legs

You think to have a chance with your crush, you need legs à la Gigi Hadid? Not correct! Boys like girls who are shorter than them. And by the way: not fitting into any standard jeans size would be totally exhausting!

4. Birthmarks

Just like freckles, moles can be extremely attractive to boys. So you don’t need to be ashamed of it! Instead, you should think of it this way: A birthmark is your very own recognition value. The best example: Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford!

5. Tooth gaps

Even your braces couldn't do anything about the gap in your upper incisors? No need to laugh again! It makes you look very personable, especially to guys.

6. short fingernails

Do you run to the nail salon every four weeks to beautify your fingernails with glitter, nail piercings and the like? You can actually save the money. For boys, it is enough if your fingernails are short and well-groomed.

7. Clumsiness

Tripping over your own feet or running into a glass door are still the most harmless embarrassments that have ever happened to you? Do not worry. That doesn't seem like a deterrent to boys. But on the contrary. They love girls who can laugh at themselves from time to time.

8. Extraordinary hobbies

Are you rather embarrassed in front of your crush that you spend your free time in the fencing club? Bullshit! Guys like it when girls are differentthan anyone else. And that also includes extraordinary hobbies.

9. Rounds

Whether thighs, hips or stomach - we always have something to complain about. However, this is total nonsense. Stand by the natural shape of your body. A healthy body is attractive to others.

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