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Washing cashmere: how to properly care for luxurious wool

Wash and care for cashmere with tips from Iris von Arnim

Cashmere is considered the most valuable and finest natural fiber. It is obtained by combing out the fine underhair of goats from Mongolia, China, Iraq and Afghanistan. A goat gives off around 200 grams of wool - around 300 grams are needed to process a cashmere sweater. It is the "incomparably delicate and luxurious handle" that makes cashmere so special, says cashmere designer and expert Iris von Arnim in an interview with VOGUE. She was the first to bring fine goat wool to Germany. When she founded her eponymous fashion company in the mid-1970s, she made her love for coarse knitwear and the finest cashmere her trademark. The designer gave us five tips for caring for cashmere.

1. First air the cashmere, then wash it

"High-quality cashmere gets better and better over time if you care for it properly. My magic formula: wear, ventilate, wash, remove pills. After the second or third wash, the cashmere has really unfolded and the pill subsides." In general, cashmere does not have to be washed after each use. If the wool is aired overnight and rests for at least a day, odors disappear and the fine hairs stand up again, so that the cashmere sweater remains supple and soft.

2. Cashmere is machine washable

Iris von Arnim recommends "the cold hand or wool wash cycle in the washing machine. In general, the following applies to heavy knitted items: Never wash by hand, as the thread soaks up with water and the stitches and thus the piece lose their shape." Detergents that are especially suitable for cashmere wool also ensure gentle cleaning.

3. Wash cashmere and then?

"After washing, cashmere should simply be tumbled cold in the dryer for 15 minutes. The air supply means that patterns such as braids and ribs unfold their raised relief and the stitches become soft. But please be sure to tumble cold!" And afterwards? "Put the rope on a towel and steam it with a damp cloth. Then the cashmere piece looks like new again."

4. Store cashmere correctly

In order for the cashmere sweater to keep its shape, it should be carefully folded and stored in the wardrobe.

5. Cedar wood against moths

Moths love cashmere. To keep clothes moths away from cashmere, simply put cedar wood in the closet. The natural smell keeps the uninvited guests away and is a thoroughly ecological way of combating moths.

6. The right care products for cashmere

"We have bundled our more than forty years of experience with this high-quality material and developed a cashmere care set with practical everyday helpers. This includes a special cashmere care product, a laundry bag with zipper, an electric cashmere razor with USB charging cable, a cashmere Comb and cedar wood for natural moth control, "says Iris von Arnim.

Cashmere care guide in five steps:

1. Cashmere is best washed in the washing machine on a cold or wool cycle with a special cashmere care product.

2. Superfine cashmere items benefit from laundry bags, which also protect them from too much friction.

3. The electric cashmere razor is particularly suitable for fine straight knits.

4. The cashmere comb is the better choice for items with a structure, for example rib knit or cable stitch.

5. To prevent moths, put cedar wood in the closet with your clothes. The natural smell keeps the uninvited guests away and is a thoroughly ecological way of combating moths.

Little helpers for well-groomed cashmere, developed by Iris von Arnim: cashmere care products, laundry bags with zip, electric cashmere razor with USB charging cable, cashmere comb and cedar wood for natural moth control. Care set, 70 euros,