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[R] 12th Donegal Guards Recruit!

Posted 19 December 2017 - 02:34 PM

Greetings Mechwarrior!

The "12th Donegal Guards" have been active in Mechwarrior-Online since 2012 and are one of the oldest German gaming communities. Our unit consists of battle-trained veterans, elite mech warriors and recruits who want to become one.

Every Mech warrior will find his home base with us!

"CasualGaming" in faction warfare and quick play as well as "CompetetiveGaming" in comp mode and various league formats are part of our program. We are organized in several companies that meet on different training days with different game orientations. Top placements in several FactionPlay events, MRBC and BWO are the result of our goal-oriented and passionate commitment.

Are you enthusiastic and looking for new experiences? Are you active and ambitious in the cockpit? Would you like to meet like-minded people in order to cultivate a hobby that moves us all along?
Then you have come to the right place and should contact us via www.12dg.de or us directly on our ts server: visit !

What we offer:

- Own, constantly updated forum with database
- TS3 bestping server
- Discord server

- Unity banner
- Own company badges
- Individual rank signatures

- Participation in CompPlay mode
- Participation in the MRBC league
- Participation in faction play (both IS and clan with 12DX)

- High activity (around 50 people in the field at peak times!)
- Broad member base with broad orientation (age: 25-50)
- Coaching / training of newbies
- Enthusiasm for the Battletech universe
- The opportunity to help shape something from scratch

What we want:

- Ethusiasm, enjoyment of games and other people
- Compliance with one's own commitments is mandatory
- Age: 18+ years