Which Michael Kors perfume smells best

These are the 22 best summer perfumes there are

What makes summer so special? As soon as the temperatures exceed the 20-degree limit, you shed the hitherto unaware veil of winter and look forward to the time with great anticipation. Summer means lightness and joie de vivre, long evenings with good drinks and fragrances that will be remembered.

As unforgettable as the feeling of summer itself is always the perfume that accompanies us through the summer, as light as a feather into our hair and sprayed all over the skin. Summer perfumes extend the summer forever and are a reminder of intoxicating moments of happiness. That's why we've put together the best summer perfumes ever.

Perfumes like the sun on your skin

Some scents can capture the time when you can loll on the lounger in the most beautiful bikini of the season, free of obligations. Summer fragrances with warm aromas of vanilla, sandalwood, cashmeran and (sun) milk capture the summer sensuality and are like a vacation to spray on. A classic comes from Jil Sander, newer fragrances are from Michael Kors or Nivea.

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These scents smell like vacation

Azure blue sea and lush orange trees: holidays smell of very specific aromas. Classic fragrances like "Acqua di Parma" or "Ô" from Lancôme bring them to life again and again with their sparkling notes.

Chanel is delivering three new summer fragrances with its Les Eaux Parfums. With deliciously refreshing essences of Sicilian mandarin, orange and neroli, each is dedicated to a favorite destination of Gabrielle Chanel.

Perfumes like an exotic cocktail

Not citrusy and fresh, but seductively sweet - the following summer perfumes smell just like a cocktail with exotic fruits. A mix of caramel, coconut, berries, green apples and melons, as well as pink pepper and amber, beguiles the senses and immediately puts you in the penumbra of a palm-fringed South Sea island.

Scents like lush rose gardens

Anyone who likes to stroll through the Jardin du Palais Royal or the gardens of Monet will love the delicate bouquet of summery rose fragrances, which waft you around as bewitching as they are airy and are as elegant as they are timeless, for example from Dior, Chloé or Estée Lauder. A swab on your wrist, one behind your ear and dive into a daydream of romance and French savoir-vivre.

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