What are the best themes for Christmas parties

Christmas mottos from A-Z

Every year it comes up again - the planning of the annual Christmas party. So that you can impress your employees and colleagues at the next Christmas with an original idea and thus bring variety to the well-known Christmas traditions, we have summarized the best Christmas mottos for you.

Colorful and international: Christmas around the world

Christmas is celebrated in large parts of the world, even if not on the same day everywhere. Get the worldwide Christmas flair for your next party - with an international Christmas motto.

Alpine charm: the Bavarian Christmas party

The Bavarians have a gritty and hearty celebration and because Oktoberfest is so far back in December, it is high time for a Christmas veal sausage revival. Goodbye Schlagerparty - Hello hut magic! With rustic wooden decorations, Jagertee and subtle folk music from an accordion player or dulcimer player, your Christmas party will be transformed into a Bavarian winter paradise.

As kitschy as it gets: The All American Xmas Party

Is Christmas generally too calm and calm for you? No problem - just get out your inner American and have an American-style Christmas party. Reindeer, Santa Claus and lots of Ho Ho Ho - your guests will love it!

As in 1001 Nights: Oriental Christmas

The three wise men from the Orient came to Bethlehem and presented the Christ child with numerous treasures - that's what the Christmas story says. Reason enough to bring the distant Orient to the next Christmas party and to celebrate an oriental Christmas party in a class of its own. Other good reasons: belly dance, exotic dance interludes, fakirs and fortune tellers, oriental music and Christmas fairy tales like in 1001 nights.

Christmas on the beach: the Caribbean party theme

You can't be tempted by frosty temperatures and you only like ice cream on a stick? No problem - with a Caribbean Christmas motto! The snowsuit is not necessarily exchanged for bikini and flip flops - it's not quite that far with climate change after all - but your guests will certainly have no objection to palm decorations, hammocks and the holiday feeling with Latin American music. The highlight of your celebration: a samba & salsa show or a cocktail course followed by a tasting. Also makes a lot less headache than the common mulled wine from the discounter you trust.

Then and now: Christmas through the ages

Time travel instead of world travel - with party themes from the past decades. Anyone who secretly turns up the Spice Girls on the car radio or regularly raves about the "good old days" to the children is welcome to stay true to their line even at Christmas.

It seems to me to be very Christmassy: Medieval Christmas

Admittedly, none of us were there live. However, this does not detract from the fascination of the Middle Ages and the time of knights and damsels is also an excellent Christmas motto. Hot mead instead of mulled wine, medieval song of Minnesota and gentle harp playing by a Christmas angel - a medieval theme party with such highlights is by no means old-fashioned.

The twenties: Gatsby-style golden Christmas

Mulled wine party in the style of the twenties: cheers for the end of prohibition!

The "Roaring Twenties" have been ubiquitous again since Leonardo Di Caprio's performance as "Great Gatsby" and are also a popular party motto at Christmas. The women adorn themselves with pearls and feather boas, the men with cigars and pinstripe suits discover their inner Al Capone and Charleston dancers and swing bands transport their party guests to the Roaring Twenties.

Oldies under the fir tree: 80s, 90s and 00s parties

Eighties, nineties or two thousand meter peaks - the last decades and their distinctive rock and pop music are constantly finding numerous followers, who you can give a Christmas joy with a corresponding party motto. Even if the neon party and rave atmosphere may not fit the festival of love at first glance, you can bring new momentum to your Christmas party with such a motto. Reindeer antlers and grandma’s Christmas sweater are screaming for a bad taste party in the style of the 90s. The past decades were also the heyday of today's Christmas classics, all of which a professional party DJ has in store for you and your guests at your Christmas party. Wham! ("Last Christmas"), Melanie Thornton ("Wonderful Dream"), Britney Spears ("All I want for Christmas is you") and Co. send their regards.

Dressing up is always possible: costume parties at Christmas time

Strictly speaking, the carnival time begins on November 11th at 11.11 a.m. and Christmas falls in the middle of the so-called fifth season. So that your party guests don't just put on cat ears or paint a fake mustache as a costume, you are welcome to specify the motto request for your Christmas costume party.

VIP Christmas party: the doppelgangers of the stars

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them, and everyone would like to be a bit like them - the Very Important Persons of this world. So bring the rich and famous to your next party and celebrate a Christmas party according to the motto "Stars & Starlets". So each of your guests has the opportunity to get very close to their idol and may even discover unexpected parallels. In addition, you can hire a tribute band or various star imitators as singers and walk acts, or encourage your guests with the help of a karaoke band for a really big performance. One thing is certain - everyone will feel like a real star at your Christmas party!

Hollywood and Bollywood very close: the film theme for Christmas

A film motto for the Christmas party goes in a similar direction to the VIP motto, and yet it is completely different. Of course, your guests can also appear as stars and starlets of the film scene, but Mickey Mouse, Tarzan or the undisguised extras No. 3 will not be denied entry. In addition, the Hollywood glamor comes here with an elegant dinner band or a string quartet - including film music, of course. An additional highlight is a musical performance or an amusing Bollywood dance course for your guests.

Maritime Christmas: A festival for fur seals

Christmas ahoy! Even if you don't spend Christmas on the high seas and prefer to have your Christmas party on the mainland, a maritime party theme for Christmas is an unusual and welcome surprise for your guests. After all, the blue-and-white striped sweater is quickly put on and the captain's hat quickly put on, and the text to sailor songs à la "On the North Sea Coast" is still there even after one or two mulled wine. A real Nordic "Fischkopp" as a moderator ensures an authentic atmosphere and Christmas delicacies such as cookies and the appearance of a Santa Claus do not let all those involved forget the actual occasion. A successful fusion of maritime happiness and Christmassy warmth!

Fantastic Christmas: The Christmas fairytale forest

Halloween is already over, but you can still revive the fabulous and fantastic fun for your Christmas party. Make your Christmas party your very own magic forest and invite all mythical creatures to celebrate the festival of love with you. The obligatory Christmas angels should of course not be missing, but witches, wizards, elves, fairies and other fairy tale characters are also welcome guests. Your party location will shine in a white winter wonderland and a magician will lead you through the evening as a conférencier true to the motto. Mystical, scary, beautiful!

Let your imagination run wild when choosing a topic for your next Christmas party. Because even at Christmas there is one motto above all: what is fun is allowed!