How should I look for consulting jobs

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There are around 530 advice centers throughout Germany. Many counseling centers currently offer one Advice at a distance at; You can find them here in the overview. Since the restrictions of the pandemic also apply to advice centers, we ask for your understanding if you cannot make an appointment at the first advice center right away.

The first step on the way to the premium or savings voucher takes you to a counseling center. Advisors specially trained for the education bonus will support and inform you in all matters relating to the education bonus. Important: The conversation is free of charge for you! You can choose any advice center in Germany, regardless of where you live. Please bring your identity card, proof of employment and your most recent tax assessment.

If you are not yet sure what your goals are or which further training is the right one, the advice center will advise you competently. In addition, the advisors clarify the formal criteria for receiving the education bonus.
If you meet all the conditions, you will receive your personal bonus voucher directly after the consultation.

Call your advice center and make an appointment!
The quickest way to find the nearest counseling center in your area is to use the map of Germany below. Simply click on your state or use the search mask on the right.