How to make Juicy Lucy Burger

Juicy Lucy Burger

  • Step 1/4

    • 150 gCheddar cheese
    • tomatoes
    • Red onion
    • zucchini
    • 100 ozgherkins
    • ½ headIceberg lettuce
    • 2 tbspKetchup
    • 100 gmayonnaise
    • 1 tbspWorcestershire Sauce
    • salt
    • Cutting board
    • knife
    • Rub
    • Bowl (small)
    • Whisk

    Coarsely chop the cheddar. Cut the tomato and onion into rings. Cut the zucchini lengthways into slices. Pluck lettuce hearts. Grate pickles and mix with salt, ketchup, mayonnaise and Worcester sauce.

  • Step 2/4

    • 750 gGround beef
    • salt
    • pepper

    Shape the minced beef into 8 balls, then make a well with your finger and always place a piece of cheddar in it. Now press the minced meat together so that the cheese is enclosed in the middle and a burger patty is created. Salt and pepper the patties.

  • Step 3/4

    • 1 teaspoonVegetable oil
    • 2 tbspwhite balsamic vinegar
    • salt
    • sugar

    Heat the grill pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Fry the zucchini in it until a grill pattern is formed. Salt and sugar. Deglaze with balsamic vinegar. Put aside.

  • Step 4/4

    • Burger bun
    • Vegetable oil (for frying)
    • Tea towel
    • spatula
    • Paper towels

    Next, toast the inside of the buns in a pan. Then wipe the pan with paper towels. Heat some oil in the same pan and fry the onion rings. Then fry the burger patties on both sides for 3 minutes and drain on a kitchen towel. Finally assemble everything into a burger. Good Appetite!