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"Game of Thrones": Sansa and Theon - what connects the two so much?

In the eighth season of "Game of Thrones" there is one reunion after the next. In the second episode, the meeting of two characters stands out. If you haven't seen this episode of the new season, then read no further!

After the emotional reunion between Arya and her brother Jon in the first episode of the new "Game of Thrones" season, there is also a reunion in the second episode that brings tears to two characters: Sansa and Theon. But why is this encounter so special?

A look into the past

"I want to fight for Winterfell, Lady Sansa. If you allow it." With these words on his lips, Theon Greyjoy stands in front of Sansa Stark, who is visibly upset. With tears in her eyes, she rushes to Theon, hugging him tight. But why is Sansa so emotional here, when the reunion with her siblings went over the stage without tears?

Sansa and Theon share a gruesome past that was shaped primarily by one character: Ramsay Bolton.

Unite common enemies

Sansa escapes the capital in season four and is later sold to the Bolton family by Petyr Baelish. She is then married to Ramsay Bolton, a sadist who will make her life hell from now on. Physical and psychological violence are on the agenda.

Theon Graufreud is also a prisoner of Ramsay, is tortured, castrated and forced to call himself only "stinker". His will to live and his self-confidence are completely broken.

Sansa is raped by Ramsay on their wedding night. Theon is forced to watch. In contrast to Theon, Sansa does not give up, vows to get out of the situation and step out of it.

In order to help Theon regain his courage to face life, Sansa tries by all means to remind him of his origins and his identity. She makes him flee with her. At the end of the fifth season, the two manage to escape. Sansa and Theon meet Brienne von Tarth and Podrick, whom Sansa joins. Theon makes his way back to the Iron Islands. The two go their separate ways. Until the second episode of the eighth season, the two do not see each other.

See you in season eight

Sansa and Theon have both gone through a major transformation. So far it looks as if Theon has learned from his past, as if he will try by all means to only do the right thing from now on. The memories of the common past and the loyalty to the Stark family bring tears to Sansa's eyes.

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