What should every teenager know

11 things you should have done in your youth!

Sins of youth are something great. Stories that are among the top stories among friends at a young age make adults rave about nostalgia.
But of course there are also true long-running favorites that have shaped the youth of all generations. Below are the top 11 things teens have to grapple with as they grow up - because, they're just part of life!

Celebrate until sunrise

Parties are simply part of good youth. And that should be enjoyed to the full. The years of dancing until dawn are over faster than you might think. The time is quickly reached when you wake up with all sorts of niggles after a night of drinking. Therefore, the carefree years, in which there is still enough energy to celebrate for days on end, should be used extensively.

Earn own money

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Earning money on your own for the first time in life is a very special moment. Young people should be able to enjoy this great feeling at an early age through a part-time job. This is also very important in order to learn how to handle money. This ultimately plays an essential role in later adult life. Money you earn yourself is never spent as carelessly as money you have given.

Say the three magic words

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In youth, emotions often go on a roller coaster. This is the time when the three most important words in life are usually uttered in front of a partner for the first time - and not just in the digital world, but live and in color. Nowadays, of course, most of the flirting takes place on the usual online platforms and via messenger services, but the experience in real life is still of great value today. It is therefore not surprising that today's youth longs for a steady partner like no other before. The first love is wonderful and will always have a very special place in the heart - especially in these superficial and fast-moving times.

Secretly smoked weed

While in the past the first, somewhat too violent party in your own party room or the secret smoking of weed belonged to the sins of youth, nowadays the resolutions of the youth are subject to the changes of the times. After all, you can now buy CBD flowers in Germany and goals, such as getting to know someone in real life, are becoming more of a focus in adolescence these days.

Attend a cooking class

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Growing up means being able to stand on your own two feet. As soon as Hotel Mama is no longer available, the kitchen should be able to conjure up more than just a fried egg and pasta. Therefore, young people should attend a cooking class at least once in order to acquire the basic skills on the stove. As soon as you move into your first apartment, you will certainly be grateful for this experience. In addition, the current crush is sure to delight with a delicious, home-cooked dinner.

Forget everything at a concert

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The favorite band or singer play an extremely important role, especially in youth. It is therefore a dream come true for most young people when their own idol can finally be experienced live at a concert. After all, the adored stars are often important role models. Here the motto is: just close your eyes, enjoy and forget everything around! Because this moment will always be unforgettable and an important memory that will not have faded even in many years.

Take a great trip

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A vacation without your parents, but with friends? A very special experience in youth and an important step towards independence and your own adult life. A cool week trip is a great way to go on holiday with friends for the first time. How about a trip to an exciting German city like Berlin or Hamburg, for example? Other large cities in Europe, such as Barcelona or Paris, are also perfect for gaining new experiences far away from home.

Go to school unstyled

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It's the inner values ​​that count. This is not just a simple saying, there is a great deal of truth in it. That is why young people should at least once go to school completely unstyled, natural and without make-up - just like the parents had to do back then. In this way, the focus is directed to the essentials, which are unfortunately very often neglected in today's times. Young people learn that they should primarily convince with their inner values ​​instead of their cool looks. In addition, you can use it to make a successful statement in today's world!

Overcome a broken heart

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Sure, lovesickness hurts. But the first lovesickness in life will probably never be forgotten, even if it is certainly not the last. When the first great love fails, the young people are riddled with numerous feelings that they did not know before, but the good news is: it will get better with time! This tough experience is immensely important and offers the opportunity to learn important lessons for the future. It is important that the young people have good friends by their side during the difficult times, to whom they can pour their hearts out. This welds together enormously and strengthens the friendship for the rest of life.

Do an internship

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Of course, internships aren't the most popular jobs. They are usually poorly paid and nonetheless labor-intensive. However, young people should definitely do some internship during their youth to find out which direction their careers should take. After all, there's nothing worse than having to do a job that isn't fun. Therefore, the topic of choosing a career should never be taken lightly, even if this is often not the top priority for young people. A good tip is to do different internships in different areas to find out which work environment is the most fun. In addition, internships always make a very good impression on potential future employers.

Read a challenging book

Reading educates! This doesn't just mean books that are compulsory to read in school. Young people should at least choose a scientific book that really interests them and read it from cover to cover. After all, you learn for life and not for school. Reading a scientific book - and in a very classic bound form - always expands your own horizons and provides important insights into worlds that previously seemed hidden.