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7 deadly sins of raising cats

Building a healthy and close relationship with your cat takes a lot of patience and time. It is especially important to respect the cat and its needs. There are a few things that you should absolutely refrain from when dealing with your cat, as they may injure or unsettle the cat and thus destroy trust in the owner. The following seven commandments are therefore essential for a healthy bond between cats and humans.

1st commandment: No violence

As much as it may piss your cat off. Violence is never a solution! A cat may not be hit or kicked.

2nd Commandment: Don't scream

Cats have much finer hearing than humans - don't yell at them because of it, it will hurt.

3rd commandment: Do not pick up the cat by the neck fur

A mother cat sometimes grabs a naughty kitten by the neck fur and drags it out of the danger zone - but we leave this method to the mother cat! A cat will not be picked up by the neck fur and will certainly not be shaken. It hurts her and there is also a risk of injury.

4th Commandment: Never force the cat to do anything

Never force your cat to do anything - she would resent you and maybe even lose confidence. Gentle outsmarting is always the better way. Exception: Medical emergencies! Unfortunately, it can be vital here to act against the will of the cat.

5th commandment: Do not rant after a delay

If you come home and your cat has done something wrong, it won't do any good if you scold her. She no longer connects her displeasure with the act. Even if you suspect that she looks so guilty ... she only senses that you are angry and is insecure.

6. Commandment: Don't get impatient

Never get impatient when training cats. Cats also have a bad day. Loving consistency and patience will bring you to your goal.

7. Do not dunk cats in their business

If your cat has a mishap and it has left behind a puddle or a little heap, please do not think about dipping the cat in its leftovers. This method is "Stone Age" and purposefully destroys the cat-human relationship. A mishap can always happen and if your cat is really unclean, look for the cause! Because there are always and urgently needs to be fixed.