Why is hope both good and bad

Hope and oxygen - we cannot live without them.

The human quality of hope is likely responsible for sustaining more life, achieving more goals, solving more problems, and overcoming more obstacles than any other quality.

If something goes wrong, we are devastated and want to give up, then we need hope and confidence that we can change something about our situation and that better times will come again. Without hope, we are lost at such moments when we have no stamina.

Viktor E. Frankl, psychiatrist and survivor of a concentration camp, said in retrospect:

... those who can no longer believe in their future are lost in the camp. With the future he loses his spiritual hold, lets himself fall inwardly and deteriorates both physically and mentally.

Doctors will tell you that often when patients are hopeful, they will be better. Psychologists and psychiatrists will tell you that when hope was restored or given hope, many patients were able to overcome their despair and were on the mend at the moment.

Having hope leads to new faith and often new determination.

It is through this determination that we obtain the will to survive. When we have hope, we release additional psychic energy within us - energy that we need to overcome despair and get to the light at the end of the tunnel.