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Travel alone: ​​8 clear advantages over traveling with someone

A popular topic for discussion among travelers: Is Better to travel alonethan to travel with someone? I say yes, definitely in some ways. Which Advantages of traveling alone as opposed to traveling in company, I want to explain to you.




1) Traveling alone strengthens your self-confidence


Do you know that feeling? You think you can't do something - and suddenly you did it.

It may not always be clear how, but the result, in either case, is that you have overcome something you believed you couldn't. You realized that you can very well.

Travel alone strengthens your self-confidence. You grow from difficulties instead of failing them. Ultimately, you have no other choice. There is no one to save you, not your friends and not your family. And you will realize that you do not have to rely on them to master your life either.

Everything you need to be strong and confident is already within you.



2) Traveling alone means freedom to follow your needs


Anyone who travels with someone is sure to know: Every now and then you want something completely differentthan the group, the accompaniment or the planning dictates. Maybe you have another dream destination, just want to relax for a day or now instead of going out to eat in the evening. Hunger or tiredness do not ask for travel planning.

Traveling alone makes that possible. You can sleep when you want, drive wherever you want, eat where and when you want, throw yourself in company or retire to a shady park with a book.

When traveling alone, nobody tells you what to do, how, when and where. You can decide that on your own. And that's why it gives you an unfamiliar incredibly great freedomto travel alone. You are just doing yourself good with it.




3) As a solo traveler, you can freely choose your travel destination and time


Maybe you are on vacation and want to travel, but no one else has time? Maybe you've always wanted to go to Kenya, but you're obviously alone in that?

Here's the good news: There is a solution. Travel alone.

If you travel alone, you can get yours Choosing a travel destination and have to no more wasting vacation. You can travel anywhere anytime and fulfill your travel dreams instead of letting them pass you by.



4) You make friends with travelers and locals faster


Traveling alone opens you up. You encounter your surroundings more freely and uninhibitedly. You take it stronger and more consciously because you are not distracted by your travel companion and you are stuck in routine processes.

This means that it is much easier and faster to get to know people. Even if you are rather shy, which may prevent some from traveling alone. If you Exudes openness, you encounter openness. I experience that over and over again, while traveling and also at home.

And the nice thing is: If you travel alone, you can use your contacts true friendships become. Because you no longer just exchange ideas on the side, but fully engage with each other. You will sometimes be able to talk to strangers on really deep topics, maybe spend a few days with them and be very familiar with them in a short time. I now have contacts in many countries around the world. A wonderful thing.

Also the Native are more likely to appeal to you when you travel alone. They are more eager to help you, invite you to dinner and try to show you their country at its best.




5) Traveling alone brings you closer to life


Actually doing too much routine one deaf for life. You dull, live like that and don't give anything new a chance. For many, vacation seems to be the solution to escape it every now and then.

But to be honest with some, I doubt it will work for them. Why? Because they are the Routine with you on vacation to take. Sitting in a hotel bunker on the beach for days is no less routine than being in the office for the same time every day at home. Only the buffet in the hotel is bigger and the sun is shining.

Those who travel in company will also take part of their routine with them. One behaves in familiar patterns, laughs at familiar things, has familiar topics, rejects familiar things or is enthusiastic about familiar things. Because you have the familiar environment in the form of accompaniment with you on the trip.

Travel alone but is different. Here you break routine and habits, have to dare to try something new, experience many adventures in passing and discover a number of new impressions. Traveling alone brings you closer to life again. The way it is when routine and habit don't put filters in front of them.




6) Traveling alone gives you time just for you


In everyday life we ​​rarely have real time for ourselves. When we are not working, we do the household chores or try to accommodate our social contacts somewhere. In addition, there are doctor's appointments, errands, our favorite series that we absolutely have to watch every Tuesday and the cell phone, which makes us permanently available.

Travel alone opens up a chance for you, really times just time in yourself to invest. You are not forced to stick to times or get things done. If you want, you can stay in one place for 5 days without even leaving the hostel, if that's fine for you. You are not accountable to anyone.

You can read books, dreamily watch the starry sky, rethink your life and situation at home, collect ideas and inspiration and just enjoy the moment.




7) When traveling alone, you overcome boundaries and fears


If there is none, yours Fears and weaknesses for you, you will make up for them balance and overcome yourself have to. Got lost Well, you have to ask for directions yourself and ask for help. Are you afraid of heights? Nevertheless you have to cross the bridge to the other side - or you won't get to the most beautiful sight of the place.

Are you afraid of being robbed or bullied? Fine: Let yourself be convinced that you don't need to be afraid of it! I am absolutely certain that the vast majority of the people you meet will not harm you at all!

Are you afraid of spiders? If someone is sitting in front of your door in the bungalow in the jungle, you still have to pass her. There is no one who can remove it for you.

Whatever you're afraid of, which one Limits you have at home traveling alone can help you find it too overcome. Because on the other side of your fears are waiting the most beautiful, most fulfilling and unforgettable experiences and experiences!




8) You learn a lot about life, the world and yourself


Like the fact that you might traveling alone but not lonely. That the people around you like to help, support you and you make friends on your way.

You may learn that you have a lot more options in your life than you previously thought. You may also realize that you can do anything yourself if you really set out to do it. Even if the way there won't always be easy.

Some people will perhaps learn how similar people are in all their differences all over the world, because they are all just looking for satisfaction and love.

Traveling alone may make it clear to you what your strengths and weaknesses are that you didn't even know before. Or show yourself what is important to you in life and what you can safely do without.

Either way you will learn lots of new thingswhen you travel alone.



Closing words


Travel alone is not a silver bullet. It may not be THE ultimate way to travel. But traveling alone is definitely something that you enjoy lots of new experiences enables, creates experiences that you will not forget, and from which you return richer and often more courageous. And once you get started, you can often no longer get enough of traveling alone.


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