What is an Australian Cost of Living

Guide to studying in Australia

There can be no general statement regarding the cost of living for the whole of Australia. The cost of public transportation, groceries, or housing varies by state and city. The more expensive cities include Sydney and Melbourne - cheaper living in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. The rural university towns outside the metropolises also offer alternatives.


rental fee640-1800 AUD
Additional costs80-400 AUD
Internet / phone80-200 AUD
Clothing / cosmetics160-240 AUD
Food350-860 AUD
entertainment240-500 AUD
Local public transport60-200 AUD
Total cost per monthfrom 1500 AUD


Anyone who has already lived in a city of comparable size in Germany will not experience any nasty surprises in Australia. In Australia there are some things that are more expensive and others that are cheaper than in Germany. For example, gasoline and fruits and vegetables from the markets are cheaper, while meat, dairy products, cigarettes and alcohol are more expensive. In order not to strain your wallet, it is advisable to adapt your individual consumer behavior. So one or the other student who can afford a slightly more expensive apartment, for example, will have to do without 1 or 2 beers.


loafapprox. AUD 2.50
Milk (1L)about 1.50 AUD
12 eggsapproximately AUD 4.80
Cup of coffeeapprox. AUD 3.50
Beer (0.5l in the restaurant)approx. AUD 6.00
Movie ticketapprox. AUD 16.00
Restaurant visitfrom 16.00 AUD