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How media can support children

Why is modern media so attractive?

Electronic media in particular have a lot to offer that fascinate and appeal to children: on television, stories are told and topics that interest children are dealt with. Computer games offer the opportunity to slip into roles and have interactive adventures. The Internet with its “unlimited possibilities” accommodates the natural desire for discovery of children: games, painting programs, quiz questions, handicraft instructions, stories - there is hardly anything that cannot be found there. And especially media with touchscreens, i.e. surfaces that react to touch, such as tablets and smartphones, are often used by children as a matter of course and independently and allow them to enter the world of modern media at an early stage. In some cases, children can communicate with them at an early age and exchange ideas with relatives who live away from home, for example via video telephony, e-mail, social media, messengers or chat programs.

The mostly curious, relaxed access of children to the media is a positive thing. For this reason, parents should support their child in their interest in the media, for example by helping them to find and try out offers that are suitable for children. However, media education is also becoming a central and new challenge for parents and families.