What is the best 4x4

Fiat 500X 4x4 Cross

The Fiat 500X is a good example of the all-wheel drive policy in compact SUVs: the normal version already has an acceptable 18 centimeters of ground clearance. But if you want 4x4, you have to take the robustly clad 500X Cross Plus and then pay a hefty 28,590 euros, because an automatic is always included.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Trailhawk is the all-terrain magic word for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In addition to a more rustic look, this equipment includes an extended all-wheel drive with electronically controlled differential lock, an off-road reduction and a five-way height-adjustable air suspension. It allows up to 27 centimeters of ground clearance. Price: from 62,400 euros.

Land Rover Discovery (2017)

If anyone knows anything about all-wheel drive, it is the inventor of the legendary Defender: Land Rover. The new Discovery is available from 58,500 euros with all-wheel drive plus two-stage transfer case. The "Wade Sensing" function is remarkable. The monitor shows the driver how much of the fording depth of 90 centimeters (!) He is already using.

Dacia Duster

Even with front-wheel drive, the Dacia Duster does very well, as you can see in the picture. 21 centimeters of ground clearance take away the fear of the terrain. As expected, all-wheel drive is not expensive here, prices start at 15,400 euros. It's just a shame that the bumpers are then painted. Pure plastic would better suit the character of the Duster.

Lada 4x4

A gear reduction and a lockable central differential. 22 centimeters of ground clearance. 58 percent gradeability, 65 centimeters fording depth and 48 degrees tilt angle. And all of that for 10,490 euros. Welcome to the world of the Lada 4x4, which rolled off the assembly line for the first time when the term "SUV" was a long way off.

Jeep Wrangler

What the military likes is not bad in civil life either. The Jeep Wrangler is basically the grandson of the original Jeep, which became a legend in World War II. The Rubicon version of the Wrangler is particularly off-road: switchable all-wheel drive, two lockable axle differentials and a ground clearance of 26 centimeters.

Mercedes GLC

You have to experience the Mercedes GLC off-road to be able to classify the capabilities of the two additional off-road packages. One has a different look, the other equips the all-wheel drive technology with additional driving programs and provides 20 millimeters more ground clearance. The GLC starts at 45,315 euros, and the off-road packages are available for just under 1,800 euros.

Subaru Forester

Who invented the combination of all-wheel drive plus car? Not Audi, but Subaru. Four-wheel drive has been available there since 1972, through almost all series. The Forester costs from 25,900 euros. Not too much for 22 centimeters of ground clearance and a standard all-wheel drive with central differential and viscous lock.

SsangYong Korando

Practically all vehicles from the SsangYong brand are among the SUV insider tips. For example, those who like all-wheel drive can get the Korando from 26,390 euros. Its ground clearance: 18 centimeters.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Of course, you will rightly object now that the Toyota Land Cruiser is not an SUV. But anyone who drives into really nasty terrain or who pulls heavy trailers cannot ignore the icon. In addition, the Toyota only costs half of a Mercedes G-Class. The three-door model starts at 40,740 euros and the five-door model costs 43,590 euros (ground clearance: 21.5 centimeters). A 100 percent lockable Torsen central differential and an electrically switchable gear reduction are included. Thanks to the 70 centimeter fording depth, even smaller streams are no problem.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

The compact Jeep Renegade is closely related to the Fiat 500X. But Jeep knows about its all-wheel drive reputation and goes a step further in the Trailhawk version: a reduction ratio of 20: 1 at the front, a driving mode for low crawling speeds and 21 centimeters of ground clearance. Because of the combination of diesel and automatic, however, juicy 34,400 euros are due.

Jaguar F-Pace

If Land Rover makes it the Range Rover Velar, then the Jaguar F-Pace can't be that bad in terms of terrain. Its all-wheel drive versions start at 46,160 euros and have a ground clearance of 21 centimeters and a fording depth of 52 centimeters.

Skoda Yeti

Get a Skoda Yeti before it's too late! The successor is in the starting blocks, the name Yeti should then be history. We recommend the outdoor version (with all-wheel drive from 24,190 euros) and the 80 euros off-road assistant. In addition to a hill descent aid, it also offers special programs for ESP and co ..

Skoda Kodiaq Scout

The Skoda Kodiaq, which was very popular from the start, will soon also be available as a Scout version. 194 millimeters of ground clearance meet a ramp angle of 19.7 degrees. The approach angle is 22 degrees at the front and 23.1 degrees at the rear. In addition, there is a rough road package with underbody and engine protection. The price is not yet known.

Suzuki Jimny

Only 3.70 meters short, but 19 centimeters ground clearance: foresters love the Suzuki Jimny. Also because of its very competent all-wheel drive. Here the front axle is switched on mechanically via an intermediate gear. There is also a ground reduction. Every bet: for 15,590 euros you will hang out on many a luxury SUV on the mountain.

Mercedes G-Class

For the off-road king from Mercedes-Benz, the term SUV would be a serious insult. After all, the G-Class was originally designed for military use. Almost 40 years later, the civilian versions, which cost at least 90,636 euros, seem only to be there to make an impression. Do most customers know what to do with differential locks that can be engaged while driving, an off-road reduction, 23.5 centimeters of ground clearance and 60 centimeters of fording depth?

Fiat Panda 4x4

Small but nice: This is especially true for the all-wheel drive version of the Fiat Panda. She shows her skills with Italian mountain farmers and on expeditions (picture) alike. From 16,690 euros, the small 4x4 car offers an electro-hydraulic center differential, an active hill descent aid up to 15 km / h and 15 centimeters of ground clearance. The more expensive Cross version provides an additional centimeter.
April 20, 2017 at 7:22 pm

These off-road models are not blenders

Let's not kid ourselves: Most SUVs will never see real terrain with their owners. The curb in front of the kindergarten or the access to the supermarket parking lot are the greatest challenges. But there are also SUV models that could very well be different because they are available with very competent all-wheel drive systems. We have put together the best off-road specimens.