How do I cancel a dispute

How to remove the dispute in AliExpress. What happens if he opens an argument after his cancellation. Cases when the dispute can be resolved

As you already, probably you know, there is an online playground where a large number of sellers from China sell your products. Vendries and buyers are very many, and problems between them are not uncommon. In order to solve them, Aliexpress has a system of opening and conducting disputes (disputes) between the buyer and the seller.


So, if you have received a faulty or faulty product, if the package is not equipped in accordance with the order, or has not reached you at all, you can safely open the dispute. The purpose of opening a dispute for the buyer is usually to return their money or replace goods.

When can you open a dispute for missing a package? If the free shipping was ordered by China Post / HK Post, the dispute can be opened after 39 days from the date the package was sent. When shipping via DHL / UPS / FEDEX, the dispute can be opened after 23 days. If EMS / SF email delivery is selected after 27 days. Orienting these figures to all optional - you can always see the time when you can open the dispute in his personal cabinet at AliExpress it is present in the details of each order (red timer).

After the dispute is opened, the seller and buyer give 15 days to resolve any disputed issues and reaching consensus. If the dispute is not admissible during this time, the dispute is automatically given the status of the claim. Claims are already considered individually supported for AliExpress. In addition, you can independently translate the dispute into application status within 3 days after the dispute is discovered. This needs to be done in cases where the seller is ignoring you and not offering their solutions to the problem.

There are cases that, without receiving the goods in time, the buyer opens the dispute. But after a few days the goods will still arrive. In this case, the dispute must be closed.

Dispute resolution

Go to your personal account, select a problem sequence and press the button Open a dispute.

Select the order of interest and click the button. Open a dispute. Next, let's click the button with the same name.

After that it is necessary to fill out the form. It has the following elements:

Did you receive your order? - Did you receive an order?
Refund requested - The requested return (full or partial)
Reason. - Root cause
details - Your personal comments on the situation
attachment - Here you can attach photos that confirm the fact of marriage or subrace.

Fill in the elements of this form, click on "Submit". After that, the process of communicating with the seller begins. If the problem is not resolved as a result of this correspondence, we will translate the dispute to the status of the claim.

Change the cause of the dispute

Sometimes you need to change the cause of the dispute. For example, if you discovered the dispute due to the lack of package, and after a while the package came after everything but not in this configuration that you ordered. To change the reason for the dispute, go to the problem sequence in your account "View Details"after which "Change dispute details". Fill out a similar form, similar to the one above, and click "Submit".

Final dispute

If after correspondence with the seller you have reached a solution to the problem, the dispute must be closed. To do this, we find a problem sequence on the personal report and click on "Cancel Refund Request". Click once in the details of this order "Break off the argument".


Even if the seller asks you ahead of time (even before you receive the product) to confirm receipt of the order, in no case agree to do so. This is a joke, so it tends to work as a scam. By confirming receipt of the package in advance, you agree that the goods will be received and checked, and the seller will receive money. If you confirm the arrangement ahead of time, the seller may be unclean, receive the money, may not send the goods. Hence the confirmation button ( "Confirm Reced Reced") Only press when the goods are actually received and confirmed.

You discovered the dispute from AliExpress. Requires a refund and the seller does not appear to be against or with your claims. However, it does invite you to resend the goods. Family? But don't know what to do with it, if the seller won't deceive you. Then read on.

First of all, you need to understand when and how to cancel the dispute. We wrote in detail in the article. Make sure you read the article. It is important not to confuse the dispute acceptance (especially the terms that are of no use) with the cancellation. What often happens to newcomers.

So. How to cancel you to find out. Let's talk about the resending suggestion.

The seller offered to resend the goods

The subject of the dispute is always money.

When it comes to resolving disputes, there is no point that removes the goods. Thus, due to a dispute, you cannot agree to resend the goods. This is in contrast to the situation when you have won money with a dispute (when the return process is immediately visible in your personal account), the reactivation is usually not affected, except as the seller says. An extremely rare seller, except for his words to reconfirm the confirmation, gives you the track. This track is monitored less often.

The fairness value should be canceled not that long ago one of the reinforcements was confirmed in the comments on the website. An unexpected turn and we met for the first time.

That is, if the seller is deceiving you and is not going to send you anything, this deception will not bring any additional suppression. And you're wasting time In most cases, the promise of reinstatement is just a method of drawing time hope:

  • or the goods sent earlier will be enough
  • or buyer forget to open a dispute
  • or make some other mistake

Once again, justice is said that cases of resending occur. It's not too big, but still a rarity. So, when your heart is filled with optimism about all of humanity, including Chinese Commerce at Ali Extgrese, you can send again.

So secure yourself while you are broadcasting again

Main requirement application protection.

Do not cancel the order without checking the order protection extension. Be sure to read our articles on Aliexpress and. Order protection The most important thing can save your money.

In the correspondence seller write what you want tracking track ..

Even if there was no tracking track in the lot, the tracking fee for the time isn't a huge fee for the time you spent. Unless the seller is willing to satisfy such a minor requirement, it is unlikely that it will be fundamental to send something to you. Write that, if within 3-5 days there is not the track, then open the dispute again.

You don't have any other security tools.

The seller offers to close the order and send the order again

If the situation occurs with a proposal of re-mediation in the overwhelming majority of disputes up to the ALI extriege, that situation is much less likely. Because it is a clear delusion and wiring.

The situation is as follows:

  • You have to say.
  • He didn't come, you opened the dispute.
  • The seller offers you a dispute that closes without complaint and closes the order.
  • Then you place an order for the same phone and he will do it at a cost of 1 cent.
  • He can even smear that discount before the first dispute is closed.
  • You agree. Close the dispute.
  • Pay for 1 cent for an order and wait.
  • The goods do not come again and open the dispute again, but cost 1 cent. And you cannot claim compensation of $ 100 upon request within 1 cent.
  • You need 1 cent and the seller takes this dispute.

As a result, you will lose $ 99.99. This is not a sly way. Do Not Enter.


Dispute Aliexpress is one of the forms of resolution of controversial situations between the buyer and the seller. According to the provisions of Ali lock policy, the dispute can open any buyer if she was unhappy with the quality of the goods, did not receive an order on time or did not receive it at all, the seller did not send the color or size, etc. In this case, the buyer can Count on a full or partial reimbursement of the cost of the goods. According to the rules of the site, the seller can not ask to close the order or not until it is received, so as not to open the bad quality service dispute. In order to resolve controversial orders, the seller and buyer are obliged to discuss another solution to the problem, but if the seller does not agree to the resettlement terms, the buyer is obliged to open the dispute to officially return the money. If the seller asks the dispute to cancel the dispute, the buyer will not get their money back. You can enter this situation into this situation this way: accept the seller's terms or wait for site management intervention. The correct solution to the problem depends on the situation. To do whether the seller asks the dispute from the disputes and how to charge the unfair seller, we will talk further about it.

Dispute resolutions - form of appeal to an Aliexpress. Any user who is not satisfied with the seller's goods can open the dispute. You can only challenge the order once the goods have been received and confirmed to arrive, the delivery time has passed, and the goods have not been received. Don't settle the dispute if the goods haven't arrived yet. The seller may ask to resolve the dispute, but if you cannot reach a single decision we should wait for the dispute to be resolved. If the order did not arrive after the delivery time was up, the buyer may require a full refund of the purchase cost and the seller is required to accept the terms and conditions and return the money. You can only close the dispute if the seller accepts the terms specified in the Dispute parameters. If the dispute is resolved, then the order. In the event that the seller comes dishonest and does not want to return the money, you can file the dispute over a period of time. Each order has a specific time to file the dispute. Do not settle the dispute in multiple cases:

  • after opening a dispute, the seller did not respond to the dispute;
  • the seller asks to resolve the dispute without compensation;
  • the seller offers to return money without a hassle.
  • the seller offers an alternative solution that is flawed for the buyer.
  • the seller provided incorrect information about the route;
  • the order was not received on time and the seller blames the transport company without the possibility of compensation;
  • there is no information about the order, the seller himself extends the buyer's protection time;
  • the seller did not send the order by the end of the processing time;
  • the goods do not correspond to the description, the seller refuses to compensate the cost;
  • the seller sent the wrong product and does not recognize his fault.

Any situation associated with inferior service or goods requires solutions through the dispute. The seller has no right to request the dispute be closed while the situation is not resolved, and the buyer has not received any compensation. In any situation that contradicts the provisions of the dispute, it does not have to close. If the dispute is not resolved between the parties, the site administration will find in it and based on the order history which decision the seller should accept.

When can the dispute be canceled?

If the dispute is open but the situation is settled, it can be closed before making a final decision. That is, if the dispute is open based on the lack of packages, and then it is delivered with a delay, then it is actually not the fault of the seller, the dispute should be withdrawn. The dispute must also be closed if the order parameters selected by the buyer do not meet expectations. Choosing the size or color, you can always contact the seller. A dimension grid is also provided for selecting parameters. If you did not seek help and were guided by information on the site, we chose the thing you are small or something does not have this shadow, in fact, it is not the seller's fault. It is noteworthy that if the real clothing measurements are not as described, it is still the seller's mistake and you can seek compensation.

The abolition of the dispute is possible at the initial stage of its opening. If you just started the dispute with the dispute, you have 7 days to resolve the problem with the seller, after which the AliExpress administration will intervene and decide regardless of the outcome of the dispute. If during that time the order came, or the seller offered another solution that suits you, you can cancel the dispute. Buyer closed dispute, you can lodge. If the dispute comes to EXACERBATION, it will be closed automatically after considering the order history. In other cases, if the order is not as described, the seller does not have what you need, what you need or the package has been lost and the tracking information is missing, it is necessary to resolve the dispute first complete after it is resolved.

Unfair sellers

Promises from shopkeepers send a different product

If the product came with a marriage or the seller did not send the goods displayed in the order, a situation may arise when the seller promises to send a new product. If you first have to exchange the goods, you still have to open an argument. This takes care of the "return only" form. The buyer returns the goods to the seller and upon receipt it received a new one. This is a long process and sellers want to get money asap so that the buyer can resolve the dispute and the seller simply leaves a new product. Second, the seller is at a loss in this situation as they will only receive money for one product and will be forced to send two. Accordingly, it's a joke. Promises from shopkeepers sending you another product should only be taken after the dispute has been opened and this decision has been discussed between the buyer and seller. In this case the order history is fixed and it is not closed in the exchange process. When the exchange of goods is made, the buyer must send the resulting thing and inform the seller track number, and when the seller receives the first, he will send a new product. The procedure takes several months. If you ordered one thing and the seller sent another, it is better to open an argument on a full or partial refund, leave one thing and start over. So it is easier and more reliable, because in any case, you will be returned by the dispute through the dispute.

Request seller to confirm receipt of the goods in advance

Sellers do not have the right to ask customers to confirm receipt of the goods in advance when the package arrived. Doing so is against the site's policy.If the order is still on the way, the buyer will have to wait for receipt or for the delivery time to expire before receiving the receipt. If the buyer confirms receipt in advance and the product is delivered with a marriage, you can open the dispute during a certain time. After its expiration, the dispute cannot be opened. Inquiries from sellers confirm that receipt of the goods predetermined the seller's desire to receive money for the goods. It is not necessary to confirm receipt, the order did not actually come because the location has a certain regulation. First, the package arrives, then the buyer confirms receipt, writes feedback, etc. If the goods are in bad condition or did not arrive, then you need to open a dispute. Closing the order in advance will complete buyer's protection. Good and honest sellers, do not ask buyers to confirm receipt prior to package arrival.

How do you spot unfair sellers?

The main advantage of the AliExpress website is that every user can leave feedback and your opinion on the product and cooperation with the seller in general. Recognize unscrupulous sellers, see the rating and number of orders. The location is rare that there are no orders in the store and the rating is not available for viewing. If the store is created relatively recently, the rating could not be yet, but if the store year and more, then the lack of a rating is a grave reason to doubt the conscientiousness of the seller. Another reliability indicator - ratings. If there are no reviews, it is impossible to determine the reliability of the seller. Some sellers screw up the feedback with bots, and then they contain the same message, repeated several times, supposedly by different users, which is not true. If the store has no reviews, then there are no reviews and ratings, it is better to look for another store.

However, if you have already become a victim of a scammer and it is not an order for a long time, then you can cancel it before sending the order management. If the seller sent you the wrong track number, write them a personal message. He could do it by mistake, then he will give a new one. If this is a scammer, wait for the buyer's protection to expire and open the dispute. In the event of an order from the unfair seller, you can count on full compensation.

How do you end AliExpress Dispute?

If you have already opened a dispute, and then decided to cancel, then you need to do before the dispute until it gets worse. To do this, go to your personal account and open the "Returning and Disputes" section. It contains information on all disputes that are being carried out at that moment. While the dispute is not resolved, state "break off the dispute". Then confirm the cancellation again. Then the status of the dispute changes to "Sporung closed". Make sure that you really want to cancel the dispute, because once it is over it will be impossible to appeal.

Is it possible to open the dispute from "AliExpress" after its cancellation?

After the dispute is over, it can be resumed, but there is a limited time. You can file the dispute resolution within 7 days from the date of the dispute. Once you confirm the receipt or resolve the dispute, the seller will receive money for the goods. After the dispute is canceled, it closes making it impossible to resume, but you can file an appeal and try to return some of the money. This is possible if, for example, the goods have been moving for a long time, there is no information about the route, you opened the dispute, and at that moment the package arrived. You have examined them and are satisfied with the goods. Accordingly, there is now no point in the dispute and you cancel the dispute. But after the first use, the goods break open. You can quickly raise the dispute and offer evidence, then you can return at least part of the money, but after the dispute is over, after the exchange, it is not the complaint.

Conclusion of the exacerbated dispute

The intensified dispute - the dispute in which the third party intervened, that is, the site administration. In this case, the closure of the dispute occurs if the buyer and the seller fail to come to a single agreement, or if the seller does not agree to the claims indicated in the dispute. The closure of the intensified dispute is carried out by the site administration. After analyzing the analysis of the disputes, a final decision will be made. The aggravated disputes are automatically closed and can be filed after the decision in the week.


Any request for the seller to bypass the AliExpress system is suspect. If the seller asks to receive the order in advance, close the dispute or give the money for the goods bypass payment system, do not agree to these terms. What to do in the situation if the seller turned out to be unfair:

situationYour decision
The seller asks to confirm receipt of the order, which has not yet arrivedIf you do not agree to these terms, await the package or completion of the buyer's protection.
The seller solves the disputeDo not accept the terms, ignore messages and wait for the dispute
The seller does not send the goods for a long time and extends the processing timeCancel order before you send it
The seller sent an old track number and the package is not trackedAsk the seller to send correct number tracking, wait for the delivery date and open the dispute
The seller asks to put 5 stars on bad goods.A rating is formed based on the reviews, hence the deception agrees, you are adding up other buyers
The seller asks to write a good reviewWrite reviews that reflect your introduction
The seller offers to resolve the dispute and return the money in another way.You do not get your money, wait after the dispute has worsened

Video: Why is the seller solving the dispute?

Aliexpress has its own rules for the seller and buyer to comply with. The site provides the seller's guarantee that if the delivery time is exceeded or the quality is poor, the seller will return the money. Any questions about the return of money will only be resolved through the dispute. If you doubt the seller's conscientiousness, don't take him for the word. For more information on why the seller is asking the dispute settler to cancel the acknowledgment dispute from the video:

The dispute is the form of resolution of controversial situations that arise from the conclusion of transactions between the buyer and seller on Aliexpress. The dispute is intended to protect the buyer from unscrupulous suppliers in order to reduce the number of negative reviews about the work of the website. After receiving poor quality goods, exaggerating the delivery time and violating the general trading rules on AliExpress, the seller is obliged to return the money. In order to buy and return transactions to be legal, the site set up a dispute system that protects consumer rights. The arrangement on the Chinese website, the administration is fully responsible for the establishment of transactions. Therefore, the emergence of issues related to the quality of goods, delivery and service is accompanied by the control of the administration. The dispute can open to the buyer on the basis of the telling of a poor quality product or the loss of order during transportation, as well as in case of the seller's breach of his obligations. For this purpose, a special form of "Open A Disputes" is provided through which the question is resolved. The dispute can be resolved, depending on the conditions of opening and the desired decision of the buyer. Read more about the management of the dispute and cancellation, we will tell each other as well.

The dispute is the buyer's sole legal evidence of the buyer's breach of his obligations. From the moment of his initiation until the dispute is resolved, the buyer is under the protection of Ali Sporn. This means that if the buyer and the seller do not agree to the allotted at that time, the site administration will be involved in resolving the dispute. During the dispute, both sides ascend evidence that is used to resolve the dispute. The dispute should in no case close if you disagree with the seller's terms. The dispute is designed in such a way that if the site's basic guarantees have not been met, the buyer will receive compensation. Basic warranties are a category of obligations provided by the website to protect the buyer and ensure quality service; Quality service. AliExpress warranties include:

  • Timely delivery - the goods must be delivered no later than the deadline specified in the "Reminder History" section, and it cannot exceed at least 60 days from the date of dispatch.
  • compliance with the description - the goods cannot have any other material, color, size or differ in technical and external parameters from the characteristics declared by the seller;
  • a full refund - if the package was not delivered on time, the buyer can open a dispute for non-handling and seek compensation for the full value of the goods.

The seller is obliged to carry out these guarantees, which fall from the defense of the buyer. For more information on the seller's obligations on ALEXPRESS, see the "Seller's Crisis" section on the goods page. Buyer's protection offers a full refund if the goods are not received and if they are not as described. The dispute should not close if the case is:

  • the seller does not agree to the return of the funds in the non-receipt of the goods - he is obliged to return the money according to the rules of AliExpress. Do not close the argument until site management is connected. Maximum what terms can you agree to extend the buyer's defense. This option allows you to extend the site warranties to include orders that are delivered with the delay. If the package is processed in customs for a long time, that is, it makes sense to extend the defense so that if you receive a poor quality product - open a dispute. If there is no information about the route and the delivery time is exceeded, do not close the dispute until the administration closes it and does not prescribe a 100% refund.
  • the seller does not consent to the return of funds after receiving a product with a poor quality process - for defective and whether it is possible to obtain a full or partial refund for defective goods. If marriage is imperative and does not allow you to use the goods to the fullest, you can request a full refund and return it to the seller (article "Return of Goods and Money"). The shipping costs are paid at the sender's expense. You can also claim all or part of the money in compensation and leave the goods to yourself (item "Return only"). Offer evidence of the dispute and do not close it until making a final decision or involving the administration;
  • the seller does not declare the return of funds after receiving the goods with damage - according to the rules of the site, damage to the goods received during delivery is covered by the seller's guarantees, for which he must pay compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the degree of damage;
  • the seller refused the dispute - in case of a dispute settlement by the seller, it does not join, do not accept the terms and do not agree to resolve the dispute if you want any compensation.
  • the seller does not respond - if the seller ignores the dispute request and is not responded to within 5 days from the time it was opened, the dispute will be automatically resolved in 7 days in favor of the buyer.

Also, if the contents of the package is not as described, you should not resolve the dispute. Dispute is the only way to get compensation from the Aliexpress seller. If you opened a dispute for any of the above reasons and the seller offers to cancel it, extend the protection time, close and get a refund on PayPal or offer a discount on the next purchase, the buyer has the right to ignoring the oncoming suggestions. The dispute of full or partial refund is impossible until it is resolved in your favor.

When can the dispute be canceled?

There are cases when the dispute can be canceled. Most often from them when the dispute is disciplined due to the lack of information about the route and the delay in delivery, and after the dispute is initiated, the product arrives. In this case, the buyer can cancel the dispute until it is closed by the administration. After the dispute is resolved and the goods arrived, you can address them within 15 days. If this situation arises, you can connect with the seller and report that after the dispute was over, the goods were still received and you want to return money to him. Most likely, the return must be sent to PayPal or use the scheme: The buyer places a new order The seller pays for it, but the seller does not send the goods. Thus, the return of the goods received after the dispute of the dispute is carried out. The dispute can also be canceled if the seller offers his terms that are suitable for you. For example, you need 50% compensation for faulty goods and the seller offers 40% and suits you. Or the seller offers a coupon, discount, or gift that suits you. It all depends on the specific case.

Unfair sellers

Unfortunately, the site is full of sellers who want to deceive the buyer of all possible methods. Any dispute is minus the seller's rating so they try to avoid initiation of disputes in all respects. The most common is, please cancel the dispute by paying the compensation for PayPal. The buyer closes the dispute and the seller simply doesn't pay any compensation. Then the seller takes 15 days with the payment, it sends lime checks of transactions, but does not send money. After 15 days, closed disputes will be resolved. Since the site administration does not have access to private correspondence to prove that the seller really offered compensation - it is impossible.

Another common case of unfair sellers - sellers asking the dispute to cancel the dispute are offering incorrect order information. It is very often with orders that are equipped with one exception from the SOB delivery. That means the order is still on the way, there is no information about the route. The seller says, "do not worry, the package on the road, longer the protection time longer time, the track information will be updated for a long time, only Othen Spore." In fact, the buyer can check the location of the package. To do this, it is enough to copy the track number and follow it with any track service, make a screen and give in to the dispute. Do not cancel the dispute without extending buyer's protection! If you agree to complete it, the seller will receive your money.

Promises from shopkeepers send a different product

The site administration is not responsible for transactions outside the legal forms of AliExpress. If you have a defective product and do, because of the appearance and the characteristic set suits you, and there are no complaints about the quality of the claims, you have to open the dispute "return of goods and money". Negotiate the details of the dispute with the Exchange seller.Promises from shopkeepers sends other merchandise stuck in the story of the dispute. And then you send the seller the goods with the marriage, he receives and sends a new one. The process is unprecedented, but if not with the hops then you can wait. Such an outcome in the dispute is possible, which provides for the protection of the buyer. If you close a dispute and the seller promised that once the goods were received, they would leave the goods, 15 days to enter an area of ​​attraction, and appeal that the dispute is not possible. Sellers know that after the dispute is resolved, the complaint can only be made within 15 days, therefore, accepting the seller's terms, you risk losing, and the goods, as well as your money. Failure to agree to resolve the dispute while the exchange exchange is not received in person in hand.

Request seller to confirm receipt of the goods in advance

According to AliExpress policies, the buyer must confirm receipt for the goods received. This means that if you have not received your goods, not inspected, not used, not used and did not determine its serviceability, it is not possible to categorically confirm receipt. As soon as the buyer clicks the buyer on the button "Confirm receipt confirmation", the order is automatically closed. This means that the money for it is sent to the seller. Requests seller to confirm receipt of the goods in advance - one of the types of scams on Aliexpress. If you come across a seller's approach, ignore it and wait for the delivery time to run out. If at this time the order doesn't come, open the dispute. The seller can fill your head for a long time to cancel the dispute, disagree, so you're trying to deceive you. You can only confirm receipt provided that the order has actually arrived. If you confirm receipt of the goods not come, the buyer's defense will be closed. This means that in the event of claims about the quality of the goods or their non-treatment, it is impossible to open a dispute!

How do you spot unfair sellers?

Despite the fact that the AliExpress site ensures the security of transactions and guarantees the return of money during the non-compliance and non-receipt of the goods, despite the platform sellers who want curtains by fraudulent buyers agree. In order not to fall victim to a scammer, you need to know how we can spot unscrupulous sellers. There are some simple rules for doing this:

How do you recognize the unfair seller?What should I do with the buyer?
The seller asks to confirm receipt of the goods that have not yet arrivedCopy the track number and keep track of the order. Create a screen of information and send it to the seller. If the package is still on the way, it will appear via email address. If the track information is missing, wait for the delivery time and discover the full refund dispute
The seller asks to close the dispute and offers to send money on PayPalTell me you don't have a Paypal account, wait for the dispute to disguise it and not finalize it until you get a solution from the site administration
The seller automatically extends the protection timeAccording to the rules of the site, the extension of protection is possible with the consent of the buyer. If the seller himself expands them, it means that they are trying to delay the time so that you don't open a dispute
The seller pointed to the number of the limestone stretchIn the absence of any information about the titles on the site, copy and paste the number and check through third party agencies. If there is no information, the seller gave the wrong track. Contact your seller for correct track or open dispute 10 days after sending due to "wrong tracking number".
The seller offers to resolve the dispute and send another product.Adding orders for Ali is done only through a special form, as well as sending packages. If the seller offers to send the goods in order to bypass the system, he is a fraudster.

Unscrupulous sellers always try to let the buyer know, offer some payment or shipments that do not meet the standard methods in order to place orders for AliExpress and simply speak teeth. In order not to become a victim of such a seller, follow the rules of the site. Don't settle the dispute and accept the seller's terms if you are not ok with them. If the seller is honestly trying to deceive you, apply a site management complaint on their behalf.

How do you end AliExpress Dispute?

After the dispute is initiated by the buyer, there will be 5 days to cancel. New system of disputes implies the automatic aggravation of the dispute. If in 5 days the buyer and seller disagree. If for any reason you decide to cancel the dispute, you need to go to "My Aliexpress" to find the "My Orders" section and find the product that is the product that is in the dispute stage. Then click the Dispute button to go to the Page page. In addition to the discount status, there is a "Cancel Dispute" button. Press it, then send a request again and all, the dispute will be canceled. The order will then be completed automatically.

Is it possible to open the dispute from "AliExpress" after its cancellation? Conclusion of the exacerbated dispute

Not always satisfied the outcome of the dispute, especially if the decision is not made in favor of the buyer. If the dispute has been opened, then after the aggravation or cancellation - is closed, there are 15 days to lodge an appeal. To do this, go to the order details and find the "Submit a Complaint" button there. Then fill out the form and fill in and say, "I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the dispute" or "I am dissatisfied with the support provided." Fill in the S. window detailed description and click the "Send Complaint" button. Your complaint will be sent to the Appeals Center for review. You can see the details of the appeal statement in the details of the dispute. Please note that after 15 days have passed after the dispute is resolved, it will be impossible to address.

Video: How To End The Dispute On AliExpress?

The dispute is the buyer's only form of protection. In case of collision with unscrupulous seller, bad goods or non-treatment of goods, the buyer can use the function to get compensation. In some cases, it makes sense to set aside the dispute. If after the dispute was initiated, the goods still arrived, or while the dispute was being managed, the seller proposed more favorable terms that the buyer arranged, you can cancel the dispute manually through the details of the order by clicking the button "Cancel scheduling". If you have any questions about how to cancel the dispute on Ali Swiner, we recommend watching the video

The existence of a dispute settlement system at AliExpress in which, by opening and maintaining a special communication procedure, you solve the difficulties that may arise between the buyer and seller. Knowing how to open the dispute for which it is created is very important. No less important is the order and rules for closing the disputes, which should be more dismantled.

What is the functionality of disputes on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress disputes are designed to resolve emerging issues between the seller and buyer without the participation of site administration.

The dispute should be discovered in the following cases:

  1. Received faulty or defective goods.
  2. The package package does not match the specified content.
  3. The ordered goods did not reach the destination.
  4. Aroused the specified time.

The goals of opening a buyer's dispute usually serve to:

  • not receipt of the ordered goods in a weighted condition and configuration.

If the buyer has problems with the purchase of products, she has the right through the open dispute form (opened a dispute), in the section "Operations" - "All orders". The period before opening the dispute depends on the method (company) of delivery of the package, it can be viewed on the personal account in the details of a certain order.

IM Open a dispute defines the nature of the problem. After it is sent to the seller, there are 15 days to offer a response and resolve the issue. If it does not, and the dispute is not closed, it will be translated into the category of complaints. In this case, the decision will be made in favor of the "victim" party.

AliExpress website also offers the ability to submit a dispute before 15 days if the buyer does not receive replies from the seller and believes that the negotiations cannot resolve the negotiations, they can change the status on a complaint after the expiry the three-day period since the dispute opened. But it is not worth it, in no hurry, it is better to wait, as the causes of the lack of responses from sellers may be a different situation.

When opening a dispute, the functionality has the ability to change the reason for the dispute. For example, if a dispute was opened due to the fact that the goods were not delivered and later it came but became defective.

Closing the dispute on AliExpress

To resolve the dispute, AliExpress will need to click on its orders (my orders) from the list of own transactions relating to orders, select the one you want and click on Refund Request. When you go into the order details, you need to press cancel dispute. In addition, it is possible to terminate the controversial procedure via the page order details (transaction details). It also needs to click the button - cancel a dispute.

After pressing the closing button, the system issues a warning that the protection time has expired (if it has expired). This means that closing the dispute, the buyer cannot reopen it. If the order has not expired, buyer can open the dispute.

As a rule, the seller, after settling all issues. If he asks the buyer to independently resolve the dispute from ahead of time, then promising a subsequent resolution of the problem is not worth it, it is not worth it. Resolving such a dispute is unlikely to resolve the issue or obtain a refund. A variant is possible if the buyer is incorrect, in which case the seller asks to resolve the dispute. Only in this case should the buyer hear the store representative.

Often important when asking sellers for Aliexpress to set the status of the receipt of the goods in advance before it is actually received. Never do that. Then the seller receives money and you cannot receive a product or a refund.

The dispute that translates to escalation status (claims) is also possible. For this it is necessary to take the following actions:

  1. On a page where data on a particular diterner is available, you need to follow the Link Complaint Center.
  2. After moving to the complaint page, you need to click on complablint cancel.
  3. In the window that opens you must indicate the circumstances that caused the start of the cancellation that the most suitable content is suitable. In the message field, it is worth introducing brief description of what justifies the cause of the cancellation. After these steps the Send button is pressed.

The list of reasons that led to the abolition of the dispute includes the following fields:

  1. After sending the failure, a form will appear in which it is necessary to click the button - "Yes, I want to cancel".

Pressing this button will indicate the closure of the complaint with the simultaneous termination of the dispute.

The key point of the disputes on Aliexpress is the money back issue . It is carried out by the site administration. Money is not translated right away, as this will usually take some time, for a few days (up to a week).