An ozone generator removes the smell of gasoline

Rent an ozone generator

Rent an ozone generator from Trotec

An ozone air generator is used to neutralize unpleasant odors such as a burning smell. The areas of application are in the private as well as in the commercial sector. Because bad smells are burdensome and sometimes unbearable. Buildings or vehicles can become completely worthless if there is an odor pollution from the smell of smoke. At Erento you can therefore rent an ozone generator for neutralization.

For what tasks can you rent an ozone air generator?

There are many causes of bad smells. Even the rotting smell of a rotting mouse in a holiday home can make a stay impossible. But also smoky cars or the smell caused by fire damage make a building or a car unusable. A sale is then out of the question. Using an ozone device is the best solution for eliminating such odors. An ozone generator for odor neutralization can be used in the private sector as well as in the commercial sector. An ozone generator is used before a car, a caravan or a property is sold to neutralize bad odors. Because selling is always easier if the new owner does not have to reckon with bad smells. But even after fires, water damage or contamination by animals, vomit and the like, renting an ozone generator ensures fresh air. So use ozone generators to remove:

  • Burning smell
  • Nicotine smell
  • Animal odors
  • Decay smell
  • Gasoline odor and other unpleasant odors

But an ozone generator can also help with the disinfection of rooms. As you can see, the use of ozone generators to remove odors is very versatile.

What can an ozone air generator for rent offer?

When you rent an ozone machine, you get versatility and efficiency. You can expect that the respective odor nuisance will disappear within a short time, depending on the size of the room, if you rent an ozone generator. The main areas of application of the ozone generators are basically in the commercial sector. Examples are:

  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Car preparation
  • Pet shops
  • Buildings with fire damage

It is particularly important to note that this form of odor neutralization takes place completely without chemicals, but solely with ozone and does not pollute the environment, because ozone is a natural substance. Renting an ozone generator is particularly worthwhile because you don't need the device every day to remove odors.

Rent an ozone generator: what you need to pay attention to

Although ozone is harmless to the environment, the chemical compounds it creates can be problematic for humans. You should therefore not neutralize occupied rooms with an ozone device. After the odor has been neutralized, the room must first be habitable again for people, this usually happens after about an hour and then very thorough ventilation. But not only people should not be in the appropriate rooms during the odor removal, pets and plants must also be removed beforehand. Since the odor neutralization performance of the various models varies significantly, the manufacturer's information must be carefully studied before you rent an ozone generator for odor removal. Also, find out if the performance of the equipment you are renting is right for your type of odor removal. Values ​​such as humidity and temperature of the room also play a role in the choice of the ozone device. The specific cubic meters of the room in which the ozone generator is supposed to neutralize is of course also an important factor. Advice from the manufacturer Trotec can therefore be helpful. On the basis of all these important parameters for odor neutralization, it will be no problem to find the right ozone generator.

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