France has traditional French clothing

What is France's costume?

France has been united for longer than many European countries, and no specific French national dress was developed in the 19th century (unless you see the international influence of French fashion as a costume problem).

Although there are some surviving parts of the regional costume, there is no French national costume. These regional costumes were largely codified in the 19th century as they disappeared from common use. Some regions have held out longer, for example it is less uncommon to see older Breton women in lace hats on holidays than to see Alsatian women in their matching butterfly hats.

The things that Americans consider "national" were just fads (often in earlier regional costumes) at a time when Americans were in France a lot. For example, the post World War I Basque beret fad is perceived as specifically French, even though it is equally Spanish, and no one pays an eye on it with the Picasso-led fad for Breton striped fisherman shirts (or the overlapping 1950s bikinis) to combine. To this day, the French are much more fashionable and conformist in clothing than the Americans, which can lead to endless books on how little black dresses or brown raincoats are in traditional costumes. The authors of these books usually go home ignoring the fact that the following year the same people will be wearing red dresses and black quilted coats, or whatever.