Is Seoul nice to visit

8 reasons why you absolutely have to go to Seoul

The beautiful capital of South Korea is just exploding with creativity. From fashion to food, from architecture to art, Seoul has become a creative haven for people eager to make a name for themselves. Many trend-setting residents have contributed to making this city fit for the future without forgetting the special past, because it is still cherished. Temples and skyscrapers stand side by side, while celebrated chefs combine traditional dishes with tasty new trends, inspiring famous South Korean cuisine to new heights. Seoul is really a city that is made for the curious, for those of us who don't like standing still - and if that alone doesn't convince you, we've put together eight reasons why you should do your year abroad, or at least your next one Trip, should go to Seoul!

1. Dress up

Seoul has become one of the most fashion conscious cities in the world in recent years. The local Fashion Week, in which the latest street styles from the local designer scene are presented, has long since become a must-attend event for lovers of the fashion industry. The influential event takes place twice a year - in March and in October - and is the opportunity for established South Korean designers as well as newcomers in this field to present their streetwear designs to viewers from the fashion industry.

2. Discover the real Gangnam

The rest of the world probably only heard of Gangnam through Psy's crazy K-pop style megahit, but this hip district has long been a pioneer when it comes to making the entire city a global trendsetter. If Seoul makes a name for itself as the lifestyle capital of Asia, then Gangnam can confidently be called the creative heartbeat of this development. The neighborhood has become the epicenter of the Korean economy and pop culture, and international companies of all kinds continue to settle here. Gangnam also has the most exciting nightlife in Seoul: This is where the locals let off steam after a long day at work, as the neon-lit streets of the affluent area are full of bars and clubs. You can also experience a lot here during the day, from shopping in Korean boutiques to a visit to Lotte World or the Buddhist temple of Bongeun-sa.

3. Adventure is calling

South Korea's capital is home to around 10 million people, but it's easy to get away from the crowds as the city offers plenty of nature and breathtaking hiking trails. Enrich your stay in Seoul with a real adventure by making a detour to Bukhansen National Park, which starts only 45 minutes by subway from the city center. Here you will find hiking trails for every taste and level of difficulty, for example the Bukhansanseong path, on which you can climb to the summit of South Korea's highest mountain, Baegundae. There are also idyllic green spaces in the city itself. This includes, for example, the Seoul Forest, where in spring you can experience the cherry blossom as if from a picture book (and that means: don't forget your camera!)

4. Eat delicious

Music and TV shows from South Korea have only been noticed on the world stage for a relatively short time, while Korean food has long been one of the most popular “exotic” cuisines in the world. Of course, these dishes can also be tried in the Koreatowns of other major cities around the world, but the best place for authentic South Korean food is still the streets of Seoul. Koreans simply don't know boring food, and in Seoul you can get the best bulgogi, bibimbap or galbi on every corner.

5. Experience the living past

The steadily growing and impressive skyline of Seoul may give the impression that it is a city that only looks ahead and into the future, but at the same time there are cultural gems of the fascinating past everywhere. A visit to the Five Grand Palaces, which you will find in Jongno and Jung-gu, is like traveling back in time: These include, for example, the Gyeongbokgung Palace from the 14th century and the Changdeokgung Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elsewhere in the city you will find very well-preserved Buddhist temples, such as the popular Jogyesa and Bongeunsa temples.

6. Face the future

The constant pursuit of innovation and innovation has made Seoul a high-tech wonderland. This includes the world's fastest average internet connection, a huge city within the city for digital media, and some of the biggest tech companies, led by Samsung. No matter where you come from, in Seoul you will quickly realize that the future is already being lived here. From touchscreens and smartphones to tablets, in Seoul you not only live and work with new technologies, you also invent and manufacture them.

7. Celebrate, drink, sing

In Seoul, the mantra “work hard, play hard” has been devoted to and can easily compete with other pulsating cities in the world in this area. In other words: if you work hard, you can also celebrate. After work, the locals head to nightlife areas like Gangnam, Hongdae or Itaewon, where they indulge in a few bottles of soju, a South Korean drink made from rice. And one thing should definitely not be missing on a trip to Seoul: a trip to the Noraebang (literally: singing room). These karaoke bars, which are still very popular, have been typical of Korean leisure culture for decades and can be found all over the city. A neon sign with a microphone in the window shows you the way, so don't go in if you want to let your inner rock star or your hidden pop diva off the leash!

8. Beyond the capital

Seoul is the ideal base from which to explore the entire country and its attractions. Busan, also known as the Miami of South Korea, and Jeju Island, famous for its sun-drenched beaches and volcanic landscapes, can be reached in just an hour by plane. The Hwaseong Fortress (another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Suwon), the Pocheon Art Valley (an idyllic park complex), or the Mangswolsa Mountain Temple (an ancient Buddhist temple in the Namhansanseong Fortress) can also be easily reached.