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The Rural Coastal Guide to Eating in Busot by Kate Hepworth

In Hoya de Los Patos (one of Busot's many residential towns)

Los Cristales aka The Glass BarThis restaurant is in a great location in front of the recreational area in this popular urbanization. The kids can play in the BMX and skate parks and then you can work off your lunch on the tennis courts!

It has a large terrace that is a brilliant sun trap and is wonderful for a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine. They serve a crunchy full English breakfast, I hear, and are known for their grilled meats cooked on a huge traditional open fire.

We have eaten all kinds of things here since they opened and they are so accommodating. We mentioned once that my brother loves tuna croquet but we can't find them anywhere and next time they made handmade (absolutely divine) tuna croquet! Magdalena, one of the chefs, always has a new vegetable or fish dish for me. And all of this offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Finally, some exciting news…. At the time of writing this article, the owner Jorge informed us that he will be launching a takeaway delivery service for tapas, burgers, pizzas and paellas the next day or so during the coronavirus lockdown


In the old town of Busot

Ca Tono

This restaurant is fantastic for authentic Spanish cuisine with local dishes made with local ingredients. I had eggs from the owner's chickens, David caught pheasants in the country next to the owner's house that morning, we had a homemade turron to die for (ps if you don't know what turron is, look Check them out and also go to the Turron Museum in Jijona for a full explanation!).

They use olive oil from the olives of their own trees. Your eggplant with honey and goat cheese was recommended to me by one of our salespeople and never disappoints.

La Casa. This restaurant is fantastic for meat eaters as they make a "German platter" (for at least two people) which is a carnivore's paradise. However, they also have a specific vegetarian section on their menu. In fact, the menu is very varied (and available in different languages). When we went out with friends recently, I had the vegetarian couscous, David had pork chops, and our friends had the salmon and veggies, spaghetti bolognese, and the lamb dish.

We all had dessert; A traditional dessert called Pan de Calatrava, German apple strudel, wreaths, schoolade cake and cheesecake. Just like Ca Tono above, it has a lovely terrace on either side - one on the Town Hall Square and the other with great views of the mountains.

Café Sierra de Alicante
This stylishly designed café is practically at the reception of Busot's Boutique Hotel on the town hall square 'Plaza Ayuntamiento' in the heart of the old town. As in all good cafés, the friendly, welcoming staff welcomes you with the wonderful scent of freshly baked pastries and croissants, coffee of the highest quality and the scent of aromatic plants. There is a large selection of coffees and well-known international baked goods from all over Europe such as the Sachertorte from Austria, the Wurzel Cake or apple cake from Germany, the jam pastry Roly-Poly from England, French crepes, Belgian waffles, Italian panna cotta and Dutch pancakes are just a few of the varied tasty offerings.
Inside, the café is luxuriously stylish and very cozy. But you can also sit on the terrace and watch the world go by by the town hall and the restaurants in the square. We know that many of our customers make a trip to the town at least once a week to enjoy a coffee in this lovely atmosphere. One couple even told me that this would be one of the things they would miss most in their life in Busot once they moved after their property was sold.
There is free and high-speed WIFI and satellite TV and tablets are also available if required. Stephan and his team have certainly thought of everything to make this café a really pleasant place to spend some time during a visit or a short stay in Busot.

Jouve & Sully Catering and RestaurantWe are very lucky that Patricia and Sylvain, a French couple with many years of experience in gastronomy and restaurants, live and work here in Busot. They specialize in French and Italian cuisine and cater for large and small events that they can offer at any venue in the region. If you are lucky enough to be in Busot on Thursday lunchtime or Tuesday, Friday or Saturday evening, they open their doors and serve many traditional French dishes. beautiful homemade pies and quiches, tasty, typical main courses and decadent desserts (tarte tatin, fondant chocolate, crème brûlée, crepes, tarte au citron, to name a few), every week they publish a menu full of gourmet delicacies with two options: starter , Main course and dessert. Three courses cost 15 euros. They offer a delivery service during the coronovirus delivery (three courses for € 13.50). Everything is homemade and absolutely authentic. You go thinking you won't eat all day!

There is also a small but very good selection of French wines as well as some Spanish options. Patricia is fluent in English, French and Spanish and the menu is offered in all three languages. And on Sunday mornings, they offer delicious French pastries and breads; Cantina

El Paseo. This is the place to eat for the locals and those who work in the small factory nearby and you will find David there often! The menu of the day is 8 euros and is full of traditional Spanish options, mostly for meat eaters, so I haven't eaten there myself.

In the "Modern Hub of Busot" (as I call it!)

The Gasolinera I've been told the coffee here is great (I don't drink coffee) and they serve David's favorite beer, Leffe. They have a plate of the day that is often chicken satay, fries and salad or Angus burger, fries and salad, and David (and our colleagues from various partner real estate agencies) are huge fans of both! For me (the annoying vegetarian!) They make something completely off the menu and always super tasty. They serve a lot of their dishes with their signature salad that contains sprouts and another magic that makes it a little different from your everyday salad! You can also fill up with gas, collect your packages and wash your car in the same place!

Raco del Pipo This bar above the hairdresser is a favorite in Busot for drinks and darts, and also serves a variety of delicious tapas and pizzas. I've enjoyed garlic mushrooms and four cheese pizzas several times and David has tried basically the entire menu! Sometimes you might get a surprise with your drink - the last time I was there they had delicious open sandwiches! They also regularly host BARC charity events which are always fun and one of the venues for the local darts tournament.

Gracies Bar Amazing if you need the comforts of home - special occasion roasts like Mother's Sunday and good British classics like full English breakfasts and baked beans. Here I introduced David Gammon and Chips, which he loved. There is even British candy on the countertop and an array of English greeting cards to buy. The staff are very friendly and have shown a range of things on the TV screens from soccer to royal wedding

Cabeco d'or mountain area (on the way to our famous caves)

Cinco Hermanos This restaurant is the perfect place to eat before or after visiting the Canelobre caves *. We enjoyed lovely paella with some friends who live nearby, along with huge bread platters toasted with tomatoes, followed by delicious cakes; We had chocolate cake and lemon mousse. The menu is extensive (many different meat and fish dishes as well as a variety of paellas and other rice and noodle dishes) and translated into different languages. * Canelobre Caves are an amazing must-see Busot attraction that impressed me far more, than I thought! If you live in Busot, just show your Padron document at the cash register and you can enter for free! Since my first visit, I've been back to a special yoga class that takes place there every year on International Women's Day and a special Indonesian music concert. I will definitely see more concerts again - the acoustics are amazing!

Llano de los Pastores (another urbanization in Busot)

La Estrella Another authentic Spanish option at the entrance to the urbanization just around the corner from the basketball court and petanque area. You can eat inside or on the terrace / courtyard. They do a Menu del Dia for lunch which is great value for money. The last time I was there there was nothing vegetarian on the menu but they made a completely off-menu dish for me that was delicious and included all of my favorite vegetables.

Now all you have to do is say “Buen Proposcho”!