What is a career in agriculture

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Occupations in agriculture - overview

Working in and with nature, supported by modern machines and computers: If you can imagine that, a job in agriculture could be the right thing for you.

There are many ways to work in agriculture. Do you want to work with animals? Or do you prefer plants? Or is it something technical?

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• Tasks: Manage and care for forests, help with rearing, pest control, timber harvesting and water protection
• Possible employers: Forest operations
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• Tasks: Cultivate, harvest and sell plants
• Possible employers: Nurseries, fruit growers, tree nurseries, municipalities
• Subjects:Gardener - tree nursery, gardener - cemetery gardening, gardener - horticulture and landscaping, gardener - vegetable growing, gardener - fruit growing, gardener - perennial gardening, gardener - growing ornamental plants


• Tasks: Produce agricultural and animal products, take on business management tasks
• Possible employers: agricultural operations, research institutes, professional or interest groups
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Horse host

• Tasks: Raising, training and exercising horses
• Employer: Riding schools and farms, stud farms, breeding farms
• Subjects:Classic riding training, horse keeping, horse racing, horse breeding, special riding

Plant technologist

• Tasks: Develop, improve and breed energy, food and ornamental plants, carry out field tests and test series, analyze samples in the laboratory, evaluate data
• Possible employers: Seed companies, plant breeding companies, crop protection companies, laboratories, research institutes, seed companies
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Animal farmer

• Tasks: Care for bees, sheep, cattle, pigs or poultry, depending on the field
• Possible employers: farms, apiaries, agricultural research institutes
• Subjects:Animal farmer - poultry farming, animal farmer - beekeeping, animal farmer - cattle farming, animal farmer - sheep farm, animal farmer - pig farming


• Tasks: Plant and care for vines, harvest, process and market grapes
• Employer: Wineries, cellars
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• Tasks: manage the management of forests, organize forest maintenance, planting, timber use and marketing as well as the function of the forest as a recreational area
• Possible employers: Forestry companies, forest offices, research institutes, universities
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Engineer - agricultural technology

• Tasks: Develop and improve agricultural machinery and technical processes for plant production and animal husbandry, advise on the use of technology in agriculture
• Possible employers: Agricultural machinery technology companies, engineering offices, agricultural operations
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Engineer - Agriculture

• Tasks: Manage agricultural operations, take on specialist and managerial tasks, take on tasks in downstream or upstream areas of agriculture such as the food industry, in specialist authorities, associations
• Possible employers: Agricultural machinery technology companies, engineering offices, agricultural operations
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Engineer - horticulture

• Tasks: Manage gardening and landscaping projects as well as horticultural production such as fruit vegetable growing, develop research and quality assurance processes, work in sales
• Possible employers: Agricultural and horticultural companies, chambers, associations, public services, architectural offices for gardening and landscaping
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Engineer - landscape ecology / nature conservation

• Tasks: Develop environmentally compatible concepts for land use for agricultural or forestry areas and protected areas
• Possible employers: Engineering and architecture offices, public administration
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Engineer - viticulture

• Tasks: Plan, organize and monitor the cultivation and production of grape juice, wine and other products made from wine, and contribute to the improvement of viticultural practices
• Possible employers: Wine-growing companies, cellars, wineries, winegrowers' cooperatives and vineyards, universities and research and development institutions in the field of agricultural, forestry and nutritional sciences, winegrowing associations, chambers of agriculture or administrations
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• Tasks: Diagnosing and treating diseases in animals, controlling livestock populations, ensuring appropriate animal husbandry, preventing the transmission of animal diseases to humans
• Possible employers: Veterinary practices and clinics, veterinary offices, veterinary and pharmaceutical research institutes, zoological gardens, veterinary chambers
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