Are there Muslim republicans


Congressional elections are approaching in the United States of America. American Muslims vote for the majority of the Democrats, as FAZ: NET reported. This is the result of studies by the PEW survey institute and a project by the “New America” think tank. According to this, around 70 percent of the Muslims registered as voters vote for the Democrats. This trend has intensified since Donald Trump was elected US President, says Robert McCaw of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (Cair). Islamophobia and hatred have become socially acceptable through the racist rhetoric and politics of Trump. The tone towards Muslims in the USA was noticeably rougher and attacks on Muslims and Muslim institutions had become more frequent.

Most Muslims who vote for the Democrats are primarily concerned with issues such as Islamophobia and civil rights, says McCaw. Whereas Muslims who vote for Republicans state that they are primarily pursuing financial and economic interests.

Saba Ahmed, founder and president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, thinks that there are many points of contact between Muslim values ​​and the political content of the Republicans. For example, Republicans are against abortion and same-sex marriages. Therefore, they advertise that there are also Muslim candidates among the Republicans who can be elected. However, the number of Muslim candidates among the Democrats is higher. In total, more than 90 Muslim candidates are running in the current congressional elections.