How important is education management

What is education management?

Education management deals with all processes within an educational organization that deal with planning, controlling and optimizing teaching and learning processes.

Education management arose from the thought and the realization that new strategies have to be developed in order to meet the requirements of the changing situation in adult and further education. In a world that is characterized by permanent change, educational institutions such as schools, adult education and in-company training must also be able to meet this change successfully.

The tasks of education management

  • Preparation of educational needs analyzes
  • Determination of employee development needs
  • Planning of development strategies
  • Create a schedule and schedule for the educational program
  • Marketing of the educational program
  • Creation of tailor-made training programs
  • Creation of framework conditions for teaching and learning processes
  • Establishing the learning objectives
  • Selection of personnel in the organization, as well as selection of external training personnel
  • Bring the potential of employees in line with corporate goals
  • Evaluation of the learning success
  • Ongoing implementation of educational innovations
  • Ensuring the quality

The education manager is used in schools, universities, further education institutions, as well as in company further education. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, it has different tasks.

Education managers not only need organizational skills - the demands on those people are now very high. You will also need to bring:

  • Didactic skills
  • Knowledge in the field of media, especially when it comes to their use
  • Customer and service orientation
  • Knowledge of marketing and sales - not just in business