Who are the Irish

7 reasons why you will love the Irish

The Green Island is a country like no other. On the one hand, this is due to the varied wild landscape. From rugged stretches of coast, which inspire with steep cliff walls, rock needles and lonely sandy beaches, to barren mountains, dense forests and, last but not least, the seemingly endless carpet of fields, which stretches across the entire country in a thousand different shades of green.

But in addition to the landscape, it is the Irish themselves who, with a very special mentality and way of life, ensure that travelers regularly leave their hearts behind on the small island in the Atlantic. You can find out now what exactly makes the Irish so special and why every trip to Ireland is a bit like coming home!

Why you will love the Irish: 1. Their sense of humor!

Irish humor can certainly be argued. He is sarcastic and sometimes very black. However, he belongs to the Irish like light to shadow! As soon as you arrive on the Emerald Isle and talk to the locals, the first funny remark is certainly not far away.

The jokes are often at your expense, but that doesn't mean the Irish don't like you. On the contrary, it is only joked with the people you like! This is called “taking the piss” in English and is the typical Irish way of expressing affection. I was told during my first few weeks in Ireland that as long as people are making fun of me, I needn't worry - advice I can pass on.

The Irish do not take themselves and life, and everything that entails, too seriously and often find a reason to laugh in the darkest hours. This ability to always look at life with a wink is the basis for the typical Irish way of life, which makes the country something very special in the most insignificant everyday situations.

2. Your kindness!

No matter who you are, where you come from and where you are going - in Ireland you will be treated with friendliness. In fact, the Irish are one of the friendliest peoples in Europe!

In everyday life, this friendly and courteous manner extends from small encounters in the supermarket or at the bus stop to public contact points such as the tourist offices. Most of the time, if you need help as a traveler, you don't even have to ask for it. The Irish are very attentive and anyone who looks like they have lost their way will be approached and, if possible, personally brought to their destination.

The same goes for small courtesies. Even if you don't know each other, you wish each other a good morning in passing. Sometimes this greeting is accompanied by a comment about the weather or the popular question “How are you?”. Even in the car, most drivers wave to each other - just like that!

True to the famous quote from Yeats, you will not be treated like a stranger in Ireland, but rather like a friend from the very first moment.

3. Your ability to tell stories!

It is no longer a secret that the Irish are a talented people. However, the residents of the Emerald Isle are not only at the forefront when it comes to music, art and acting. But also in storytelling.

On the island, people like to talk and talk a lot. There is nothing like listening to an Irishman create a completely different world with his words. Legends and stories relating to the fascinating past and the mystical world of the country's sagas are particularly popular.

You can usually meet the best storytellers in the local pub. With a delicious Guinness, exciting events from long forgotten days are brought to life with a lot of love and a healthy dose of fantasy. But even when you're out hiking, shopping or sightseeing, the locals are always at your side with their rousing anecdotes.

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4. Your openness!

Something you'll notice in your first few Ireland moments is the Irish openness. Instead of approaching you with prejudice, the Irish face you with open arms and a real interest in yourself.

The people on the Green Island appreciate authentic connections and real getting to know each other. Without bothering in the least about the skin color, religion, sexual orientation or social position of the person opposite you. On the contrary, differences and opposing interests are celebrated and other cultures and traditions are successfully integrated.

It was not for nothing that the Green Island was the first country in the world in 2015 to equate homosexual marriage with traditional marriage. Ireland, the nation in which we can be as humans with all our colors. A country where, despite our differences, we are all the same!

5. Your sense of time!

The Irish sense of time certainly takes some getting used to for us Germans. While we are trained to be punctual from an early age, the motto in Ireland is: "It'll be grand". Even if these two opposites are difficult to reconcile at first, the Irish sense of time is something you will learn to love.

An Irishman who meets you at four o'clock will almost never appear at the agreed meeting point at four o'clock sharp. A ten minute delay is still considered punctual on the Emerald Isle and even 20 minutes are accepted without further ado. The reason, however, is not that the islanders don't feel like dating, but that they live a lot more in the moment.

That means: instead of being put under pressure by the future with all its plans and deadlines and rushing from A to B, the now counts in Ireland. People take the time to really live in the present, to meet other people and to be aware of their surroundings. That is reason enough to say goodbye to the German punctuality and instead look forward to the many small moments that are so easy to overlook!

6. Your willingness to help!

As mentioned earlier, the Irish are a very friendly people. However, this friendliness goes far beyond a sympathetic smile and a nice conversation. Because helpfulness is very important on the island in the Atlantic!

When you are visiting Ireland as a visitor, this willingness to help is not only reflected in the fact that strangers show you the way when you are lost. But also in many other situations, people try to make sure that you are fine and comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, Ireland is widely recognized as one of the most generous and charitable nations in the world. According to the CAF World Giving Index, 62% of Irish regularly help people they don't know. While 69% donate money to charity and almost 40% of the population do volunteer work. And the best: The Irish help out of conviction without expecting anything in return.

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7. Your relaxed approach to life!

The humor, the sense of time, the openness and friendliness of the Irish result in a very special and relaxed attitude to life, which runs like a red thread through everyday Irish life.

Life in Ireland may seem simpler and less dramatic to you as an outsider. The fact is, however, that life on the Emerald Isle is shaped by ups and downs, strokes of fate and tears of joy. Due to their (gallows) humor, their slowed-down way of life and their friendly disposition, however, the Irish can hardly be disturbed by it.

As an Irish acquaintance once put it in a nutshell: “What happens, regardless of whether you are upset, pressured or panicked - it happens anyway. You can also lean back, protect your blood pressure and have a cup of tea! "

Ireland is love - Ireland is home

This list is certainly not exhaustive and there are tons of other reasons why you like the people of Emerald Isle. The fact is, however, that the mixture of the Irish mentality and the breathtaking landscape touches the hearts of many people.

So it happens that a trip to Ireland does not feel like a trip to a foreign country. On the contrary, as soon as you see the green fields during the landing approach, it feels as if you are finally arriving home after a long time!