How am I supposed to stay positive all day

Goodbye, sadness! These tips will help you think positively

Of course, you won't turn a staunch pessimist into a fluffy optimist. But you can still change something for yourself to make your life easier. By simply trying to think positively more often.

Do you roll your eyes? Well then, keep these numbers in mind: According to a number of scientific studies, we have around 60,000 individual thoughts every day. So far so good. But: of these 60,000, a mere three percent are positive. With these numbers one is amazed that we can still laugh and be happy at all. And I think we should tackle this sad record and do something about it.

So start today to just take a closer look at your thoughts, write them down or tell your partner in the evening what you've been thinking about. Certainly there isn't too much jubilation and positivity there either, if you're honest. "It was OK at work" or "My day was so-so" are not considered positive.

Therefore, here is the plan for more than three percent tired percent positive thoughts. Lets go on we can do it better! Here are ten tips to help you think positively more often. Even if it is difficult to implement them directly at the beginning: It takes time and some things have to be practiced and become habits so that something changes in our heads and in our attitudes.

A little exercise beforehand that will open your eyes

A simple exercise helps to become clear about how negative your own thoughts are. You have an important talk on the job, an interview, a competition or a first date with someone you care about. A situation in everyday life that you are also a little afraid of, or that at least forces you out of your comfort zone. Go over the meeting or appointment in your mind. Tell yourself what is going to happen. And?

Hand on heart, it certainly sounded something like this: "I'll be excited. I'll blush. I hope I won't screw everything up. Hopefully I can write my text, I'm well prepared, I'm convincing." Stop! We have to reverse the polarity of our brain and tell it: see things positively instead of negatively.

In this case, the course of the appointment or date would sound completely different. Give it a try and say anything that sounded fearful and negative in positive terms. "I will do it well. I will smile and break the ice with it. I will do my presentation well and master it. I can read the text, I am well prepared and I am persuasive of what I am saying."

Sounds strange to think that (positively)? But that's exactly what should make us think, right? Why does our brain formulate everything negatively so carefully? There is the idea of ​​the self fulfilling prophecy. If we only think often enough that something will turn out bad, it will turn out much more likely than if we think positively about it. Our negative thoughts can significantly reduce the prerequisites for success.

Do this exercise every now and then in difficult situations. Formulate the negative thoughts that await the worst into positive thoughts. Successful people do just that. You will find that you can retrain your brain towards more positive thoughts.

Think positive 1: Get rid of negative attitudes and nonsensical to-dos

How do you go through life Are you the type of person who thinks the glass is half full? Or for half empty? If you're one of the pessimists, make a difference. It may take a while, but if you try to re-educate yourself, it will get better over time.

When planning your day, don't primarily think about what's going to be negative, but formulate it positively for yourself. You will be able to master things and check off the to-do list. And you should think carefully about how you can make the most of this day despite annoying appointments. Because every day should be worth it to us.

With negative thoughts in stressful times, remind yourself again and again that you alone determine your view of the world. That certainly motivates you to think positively a lot more often. And if your everyday life really consists entirely of stressful and negative things, then you can change that too. Your attitude can make a big difference, as can systematic mucking out in everyday life. Get rid of nonsensical activities and apparent to-dos that burden you so negatively every day.

Think positive 2: See happiness in small ways too

Often we only look at the big picture when it comes to happiness and joy. And then we complain how long the next vacation is still away and what an insolently easy life the girlfriend has without doing anything for it. And so you sit frustrated in your pessimist hole and wait for the big bang, the lottery win, the next long vacation in paradise. And till then? Shove frustration? Let negative thoughts rule your life? No !!

Start seeing happiness in small things. Enjoy the little things in everyday life. A hot cup of coffee in the morning or in the evening, stretch your feet on the couch and loll on the pillows with someone who loves you. Those are nice moments. Be aware of this and don't wait for the big bang or the prince on the mold. Enjoy the moment. Even the little ones.

Even if these little joys sound small compared to a million in the lottery, they are in the majority and make you feel pretty good day in and day out. That you think positively and look optimistically into the world. Because the next, little happy moment is not just next summer, but maybe in the next moment.

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Think positive 3: Accept anger and check it off in your head

Yes, there are problems, situations, stress and bad experiences in life. But never let them take control of you! Anyone who is disproportionately annoyed about every mistake spends far too much time with negative thoughts. Also take on the really difficult situations in life instead of quarreling with them forever.

Those who never forgive themselves mistakes and decisions extend their suffering immeasurably. At some point we have to let go and let things be good. Just to be open to new things. So take on reality, but forgive yourself for your mistakes. Tell yourself that this won't happen to you again, that you will be smarter and more experienced in the future. We should learn from mistakes and make something positive out of them instead of remaining in negative feelings. The saying "Fall down, get up, straighten the crown" makes sense.

Think positive 4: start liking yourself

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Surround yourself with positive thoughts about yourself. How mean we are to ourselves when we tell ourselves in the mirror in the morning how exhausted and exhausted we look. When we find ourselves incapable, imperfect, and unlovable. Do not do that!

As mean as you are to yourself, you are certainly not to anyone else. So be fair and loving to yourself as to a friend. And: Those who like themselves and are at peace with themselves go through life much more relaxed.

Think positive 5: Maintain your social contacts

Positive thinking also means living in the here and now and consciously seeing other people. Not only take care of yourself, but also treat the people around you with kindness and heart.

The fact is that social contacts make us happy. They have an extremely positive effect on our everyday life and our mental health. So it makes perfect sense to approach people openly and positively, to make and maintain contacts.

Those who are warm and friendly to others usually get the same in return. You don't like to surround yourself with grumpy people and extremely negative people. Make sure you have a good social environment, it will influence your life more than positively.

Think positive 6: Don't compare yourself to others

It's so obvious and yet we do it far too often: We constantly compare ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, with others. These are usually the kind of comparisons in which we seem to do worse. The fact is: nothing makes you more unhappy in life than comparing yourself with others.

Why always look at people around you? This is your life alone and you can make something of it! Other people all (!) Have their problems - happy as they seem. So start looking at yourself and not at anyone else. And we are slowly becoming aware that social networks only show sunny sides and moments of happiness, but not the bad days.

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Think positive 7: Your attitude influences your feeling of happiness

Anyone who is always waiting for the situation to change for the better should realize that each of us is the maker of our own happiness. It always sounds so simple, but it is exactly like that. According to happiness research, only 10 percent of our feelings of happiness depend on external circumstances.

Much of whether we are happy or not depends on our own attitudes. Even if this thesis is not entirely uncontroversial, you should not wait for everything to turn out to be good by itself, but make sure that it is good for you yourself. Your own attitude towards life and greater satisfaction is extremely important. Believe in the power of thought.

Think positive 8: Don't give bad days power over yourself

If you've caught a real catastrophe day on which everything just goes wrong, you shouldn't hide yourself, but say to yourself: "That's enough. No more catastrophes. This day can definitely still be saved!"

Even if it's difficult, but you shouldn't give up a day just because the morning was bad. Fight for this day and stay positive. Anyone who gives in to their fate in the morning and thinks: "The day is over" will definitely have a bad day. If we think positively and counter the morning annoyance, the day can be fantastic. It is up to us.

And as strange as that sounds, when we smile, it affects our positive thinking. Whether we have a reason to smile or not. We automatically feel a little better. Incidentally, our counterpart as well.

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Think positive 9: Use the power of autosuggestion

Even in the saddest moments, you should always remember what is good in life. Often you only think of what is going wrong. Turn the tables! In bad moments, take a piece of paper and write down what is good in your life.

Even if the bad mood whispers to you: "It's all stupid right now", don't listen to them and try to think positively. Yes, it's a stupid, difficult phase right now, but right now you should address it.

We often underestimate the power of auto-suggestion. We often smile at managers who say "I can do it. I can do it!" chant. But there is a great deal of truth that we can manipulate ourselves (for good).

Just think of the importance of actively tackling an illness and being ready to help you get back to health quickly. Without this will it doesn't work. This is also shown time and again by studies on the effect of placebos on our health. Among other things, Prof. Dr. Manfred Schedlowski, Director of the Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology at the Essen University Hospital, has done extensive research on how psychological and physical processes interact and influence one another.

So it really works. Believe in the power of expectation. Even if the situation looks bad. Think positively and believe in your strength.

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Think positive 10: Be your own savior

Nobody is nice to you and you feel lonely and unloved? Then love yourself. Give yourself flowers and treat yourself to a champagne on the balcony. Toast that you exist because you are such a nice person.

Often we wait for someone who makes our life really great. Why? Happiness is in yourself and you have to see to it that it comes to power. Even someone who loves you and goes through life with you is not responsible for your happiness. It's you alone. Therefore, make sure that your life is good on your own. And if someone close to your heart makes it even more positive: all the better.

Why should you heed these ten tips? Quite simply: thinking positively is essential to be motivated and active through life. Thinking positively makes us more successful, happier and more satisfied. What more do you want?

Created September 18, 2014
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