What is a sad book for teenagers

Young people sift through books

The book is about Miles. He has just moved into the boarding school and is immediately confronted with his somewhat weird roommate, the Colonel. Miles met all sorts of people over time, including Alaska. She is the complete opposite of Miles. So far, he has stayed away from alcohol and cigarettes, but Alaska is a kind of chain smoker and also likes to talk about alcohol. From Miles' point of view, that doesn't necessarily make them more unfriendly or unattractive. Over time, a good, friendly relationship develops between the two of them. It even begins to expand to more than just a friendly relationship until a big event occurs!

"One like Alaska" is a fantastic book. It's a book that is very deeply rooted in you, you pick up the book and all the feelings, thoughts and words are stored in you. It's very, very touching. Once you've started the book, you can't put it down. One always wants to be involved in the book, to be carried away further. In the end, the book is very sad, but it is a sadness that also has good sides, because you can remember beautiful experiences that you have had. In the course of the book it is often very funny and happy, but there are also moments that are very sad but still funny. The book is told in such a way that the plot moves very close. You can feel the feelings very well and empathize with the actors. The actors are also very well selected; they are all very distinctive, different personalities. That's why the actors fit together so well, nobody is missing.

Above all, the one main character Alaska is a very special person. It convinces from the first appearance and inspires you through the whole book. All people are great characters that you just have to like. They are so well described that they nestle in the reader and stay there for a long time. You can even partially translate the people into the real world, you know, so to speak, what the person would say or do in the situation. Despite the matching and almost perfect actors, the narrative does not seem determined in advance at all. There are always good and bad surprises.

It is undoubtedly a very sad book, and one should never forget that. Since you can put yourself in the people's shoes, the mood of the book rubs off on you. But I still like the book very, very much. It's one of the best books I've ever read, and it's my favorite book too. I think this is a book that you have to read, otherwise you will have missed a lot. I would recommend it for ages 14+. However, it is very sad and stressful, so that you cannot give a correct age statement. The age recommendation is very dependent on the person. I think adults can still read the book very well because it is simply a great book and there is actually no upper age limit. It's just a fantastic book.

Translation: Sophie Zeitz
dtv (series Hanser) 2009 € 9.95