Who cares about hotel cleaning rooms

Hotel cleaning and housekeeping: 8 tips for safe cleaning

The cleanliness in the hotel room is of particular importance. Due to the constantly changing guests, but also a very high use of rooms and public areas, hotel cleaning is an important component for smooth operation.

Strict rules for cleaning and disinfection have applied to hotel complexes, and not just since the onset of Corona. But what exactly is important when cleaning and caring for rooms in a hotel?

Today we have put together valuable room cleaning tips for you and listed a practical hotel cleaning checklist to go with them. With the help of this checklist, all the cornerstones for a professional cleaning company can be recorded and nothing is guaranteed to be forgotten.

Ensure purity and moments of well-being in your hotel. We'll tell you what to look for in housekeeping and daily care.

Why is cleanliness in the hotel room so important?

Guests attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. If the first negative reviews about the cleaning and maintenance of rooms on the Internet occur, this can lead to permanent damage to the image. In the worst case, new guests find out about the local conditions in advance on the Internet and, due to negative reviews, switch to another hotel.

With this background knowledge, hoteliers are aware that hotel cleaning contributes significantly to the quality and overall impression in the hotel industry and promotes long-term competitiveness. For this reason, you should ensure the well-being and health of your guests at an early stage. This goal can only be achieved if cleaning behind the scenes in the hotel is also given special attention.

But how does this high standard stand up to the practical test? In the next step, we have a number of room cleaning tips for you, which will support a smooth process in everyday life.

Smart room cleaning tips for cleaning in the hotel

Hotel is not always the same hotel. There are very different objects here, with the most varied of conditions on site. It is important for hoteliers that you do not create unrealistic cleaning plans that are incompatible with the available time or the available staff.

Tip 1: The top priority in hotel cleaning: Realistically plan all times, staff, cleaning agents for the rooms to be cleaned. A cleaning and time schedule is essential for this. You can proceed further on this basis.

Tip 2: Provide optimal cleaning supplies. One of the room cleaning tips that are particularly important, because if there is a lack of suitable technical equipment or the right cleaning agent and disinfection, the work results quickly leave a lot to be desired.

Tip 3: Introduce a color system. Let your employees know which colors, for example for utensils such as rags, are used for which areas.

For a high level of hygiene, a color scheme with recognition value for the guests can also be created. One color of towels can only be used in the room, another color is reserved for the swimming or sauna area.

Tip 4: Establish a guideline based on which every cleaning and maintenance of rooms is carried out. There are numerous practical tests on how you can proceed most efficiently. If every cleaner follows a set routine, processes are automated and the risk of areas being missed or regularly forgotten during cleaning is reduced.

Tip 5: You should also regularly ask your employees how you assess the current situation. Involve housekeeping in practical questions, such as the material used.

What problems are there? Which bottlenecks do you have to counteract at an early stage? If you get your staff on board, you benefit from several advantages and promote willingness to work and positive cooperation. In this way, you can find out at first hand where there may be a need for action.

Tip 6: Keep yourself up to date. In times when germs and viruses are on the rise, new hygiene rules apply to the hotel industry. Make sure that all legal requirements are met.

Tip 7: Ask about the satisfaction of your guests. This is made possible, among other things, by a small question list in the room. How satisfied are the guests with the safe cleaning of the room? Where are there still deficits?

Tip 8: Check the commissioning of a service provider. A professional cleaning company can permanently support you with the maintenance cleaning in your hotel. An experienced team, knows what is important and which steps are important when it comes to cleanliness in the hotel room. Here you can expect expert knowledge and modern work equipment. This gives you the opportunity to fully and completely take care of the operation of your hotel and all related tasks.

Hotel cleaning checklist - you won't miss a single detail when it comes to cleanliness in your hotel room!

Our hotel cleaning checklist provides you with an initial overview of important points that are important when cleaning and caring for rooms as well as reliable disinfection.

In addition to using in-house staff, you should check whether it would be better to entrust the cleaning of the hotel to a professional cleaning company. Let us show you existing references for this. Has the service provider already gained experience in the hotel industry? What are your correct challenges and in which areas can the provider provide you with targeted support?

The following checklist gives you an overview of all activities that have to be carried out or taken into account in the area of ​​cleaning your hotel. In addition to the creation of carefully prepared cleaning plans, the proper implementation should also be subject to regular checks. In addition, the planned further training plays an important role in order to always be up to date with the cleanliness of the hotel room.

Hotel cleaning in the room

  • Housekeeping - knocking before room cleaning
  • open a window
  • Remove trash, used towels and bed linen
  • New bed linen
  • Cleaning of all surfaces, including furniture and lamps
  • Wipe dust, even in hard-to-reach and hidden places
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Disinfection of high-use surfaces and areas
  • Cleaning of the bathroom including sink, bathtub, toilets, bidet
  • Clean the balcony and terrace areas
  • clean windows regularly
  • Provision of new towels and care materials
  • final room check for cleanliness

Hotel cleaning in public areas

  • Cleaning of stairs and entrance areas
  • Cleaning and disinfection of doors, reception counters
  • Maintenance of elevators
  • Disinfection of door handles, railings, handles
  • Cleaning of restaurant areas
  • Cleaning of the kitchen and common rooms
  • Maintenance of swimming pools, sauna and wellness areas
  • Control of technical systems
  • Maintenance of outdoor facilities
  • Takeover of seasonal activities such as winter service
  • Small repairs and maintenance work

Cleanliness in the hotel room as a matter of course! Our article gives you a number of valuable room cleaning tips as well as a specific hotel cleaning checklist at your fingertips. This is guaranteed to make it easier for you to clean and maintain rooms.

A professional cleaning company also offers you the opportunity to hand over all matters relating to cleaning in the hotel to experienced hands and to focus fully on your core issues. Your guests will love your hotel and will be happy to return to the hygienically impeccable ambience!