Was Donald Trump ever deported?

Donald Trump - He kept these election promises

Donald Trump thinks that the media treat him very unfairly and only report bad things about him. We have now tried to collect the good news from his first days in office. As a peace offer.

Successful oath. The good news started right at the beginning: Donald Trump pronounced his constitutional oath loud and clear, with no dropouts. That is by no means a matter of course. Barack Obama may have drawn far more visitors to the mall in 2009. However, he had stumbled over a word when he was being sworn in and had to start again. Trump was spared this embarrassment.

The first dance at the presidential ball. Donald and Melania Trump were much stiffer in the traditional first dance at the presidential balls than Obama and his wife Michelle. But Trump had a special selection of music to offer. He had Frank Sinatra's "My Way" play. And there it says in the first line: “And now the end is near.” This can only be understood as a smiling allusion to all the fears that Trump will bring about the decline of the West and the liberal world order. And it shows that Trump is capable of humorous self-irony. We'd like to see more of that in the future instead of these dogged arguments about audience numbers.